2018 Toyota Hilux: Changes,Design, Engines, Price

Toyota’s vehicles and attributes dependable and durable go hand in hand. However, only the Hilux truck has earned the reputation of unbreakable. This truck is available globally and comes in a number of variants probably more than any other pickup truck. You can get this truck in the base working form but can also configure it with the high-end luxury features. The decision must also be made among several engine options and two- or four-wheel drive. However, in every case, this truck will serve you well either off-road or on-road or when towing. But with each model year, the question what the next version will offer is actual. And for the 2018 Toyota Hilux, we must rely on unofficial sources because Toyota hasn’t said anything about the upcoming version.

What could be new?

The new 2018 Hilux won’t likely be the large departure from the current version. The Hilux underwent a thorough redesign for the 2016 model year and the new-generation Hilux is better in all aspects. So, the 2018 model year could bring incremental upgrades of tech and safety features. Toyota also hinted the Tonka concept model of this popular truck and it is also possible that additional trim or special edition model could be introduced.

2018 Toyota Hilux

2018 Toyota Hilux: Design

Structurally, Toyota has gained significant upgrades for the new-generation Hilux in 2016. The model got beefier frame rails and crossmembers. The suspension system also underwent thorough revision and the 2018 Toyota Hilux won’t likely get upgrades in this area while it will also continue in the same proportions.

The styling of the new Hilux will also be in accordance with the current version. Changes will be in details and new exterior theme, as well as the special edition model, could be added to the current lineup. The model could introduce new wheel design and some tweaks around the front and rear end while significant changes are not expected.

Interior, Features:

Interior of the model will differ depending on trim level and body style but all models will feature highly functional and durable interiors. The dashboard design will be more car-like than like in commercial vehicles and every version will get touchscreen including the base Workmate versions. The quality of materials and level of luxury features will depend on the trim level. The Hilux will be available with the base cloth upholstery but high-spec versions will get the leather upholstery , power adjustable seats and much more.

The new Hilux should also get upgraded infotainment features and the list of the active safety features.

The model will again be available in a variety of configurations. Available will be three cab styles and probably the same trim range. However, the inclusion of the additional trim level is possible.

2018 Toyota Hilux: Powertrains

The engine range of the new 2018 Toyota Hilux will again consist of several options including the gasoline and diesel units.

Most of the Hilux models will be powered by a 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. This powerful diesel engine will produce around 175 hp and torque of 420 Nm at a low 1,400 rpm.

Available should also be a 4.0-liter V-6 engine which could see some improvements. The Workmate versions should also be available with the 2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel engine and 2.7-liter petrol unit.

Both manual and six-speed automatic transmissions will be available as well as the two- and four-wheel drive.

2018 Toyota Hilux: Arrival, Price

When the new 2018 Toyota Hilux will go on sale and at what price is still a mystery. However, we should expect this model late this year or early next year. The price won’t depart from the current boundaries.

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