2019 Skoda Pickup Truck: Concept, Rumors

The growing demand for the pickup trucks has become the global thing and many brands recognize this as the great opportunity. So we are not surprised when new models appear and we are also witnessing shorter life-cycles of the trucks. After Mercedes entered the pickup truck game and we have recent names like the Fiat Fullback, Renault Alaskan and even the Tesla pickup truck announced to come, nothing would be the surprise. In that context, recent reports suggest another potential brand to join the pickup segment.

We are now speaking about the Skoda. It might sound like the surprise but after the huge success of the mid-size Kodiaq SUV this brand is more in the focus and the pickup truck could be the next step for this brand. The marketing member of this brand said recently, that company sees the pickup truck as the great opportunity but don’t expect it anytime soon. However, speculations already appeared about the look and design of the Skoda Pickup Truck. We present you an idea about the 2019 Skoda Pickup Truck.

2019 Skoda Pickup Truck

2019 Skoda Pickup Truck: Possible Design

If Skoda decides to go with its first pickup truck, it wouldn’t surely design the model form the scratch. It would be too expensive and time-consuming and we saw that even Mercedes is exploiting Navara’s underpinning. So, we believe that speculative 2019 Skoda Pickup Truck would use the underpinning of recently refreshed VW Amarok. So, the Skoda truck would compete in the mid-size segment with the likes of the Nissan Navara, Renault Alaskan, Mercedes X-Class, Toyota Hilux, etc.

While the underpinning of the VW Amarok sounds like the natural solution, Skoda would design the body panels on its own. The model is expected to share similar front end design with the Kodiaq SUV as well as the side panels before reaching the cargo bed.  Brand’s signature grille and modern headlights similar to what we have on the Skoda’s SUV would fit nice to the truck version. The similar hood creases and the taillights are also expected for the truck.

Interior, Equipment:

The interior of the truck would also use the similar recipe as brand’s recent SUVs. If Skoda offers the pickup, it would likely come with the four-door cab only as the current Amarok, so it would deliver great interior comfort.

As for the available equipment, the truck would mimic the Kodiaq SUV. The pickup would offer modern infotainment system with smartphone compatibility, large center screen plus comfort and luxury features like other class members. The model would also include many active safety systems used in all Skoda models.

2019 Skoda Pickup Truck: Possible Powertrains

When it comes to the power options, the 2019 Skoda Pickup Truck could borrow the engine options from VW as it would do with the underpinning. Amarok’s V-6 turbodiesel is the only V-6 in the class and great performer. However, Skoda might also use a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol from the Kodiaq. The turbo diesel engine from this SUV could also be the solution.

The truck would, of course, be available with both two and all-wheel drive. Both manual and DSG automatic transmissions would be on the offer.

2019 Skoda Pickup Truck: Release

So as we mentioned earlier the 2019 Skoda Pickup Truck is only an idea for now. Skoda need time to make the decision and see would the pickup be the good solution for this small brand. So, the Skoda Pickup Truck isn’t close to production, if it arrives ever at all.

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