2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck: News, Design

While Volkswagen performs very well with the mid-size Amarok pickup truck on the global market, the SUVs are the material with which this brand builds in the US. However, after VW introduced the American taste, mid-size Atlas SUV, the Atlas Tanoak Concept debuted at the 2018 New York Auto Show and possibly announced the arrival of another unibody truck to the US. VW said that the production version isn’t in the plan but the brand certainly wants to feel the pulse of the buyers.

The Tanoak Concept is derived from the three-row Atlas SUV and except the flamboyant exterior style, it borrows much from the SUV model. With the Pilot- SUV-based Ridgeline truck and Hyundai’s promise to bring the unibody pickup truck by the end of the decade, the Tanoak Concept-based truck would another unibody construction and the SUV-like-driving mid-size pickup truck on the road.

And despite VW claims it has more room for improvement in the SUV range in the US the pickup truck version would bring new buyers and open a new money-making market for the brand. And really, VW wouldn’t need much effort to transform the concept model to the production-ready form. So, despite that no signs from VW that the new truck comes, how would it look and perform if it arrives as the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck.

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck: Design

No doubts that if VW would launch the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck soon, the firm would surely apply the same recipe as Honda did with its unibody Ridgeline truck. The Ridgeline uses the Pilot SUV-derived platform and running gear and the Tanoak Concept is based on VW’s MQB platform which also underpins the Atlas SUV.

The Tanoak Concept is the dual-cab truck and measures 214,1 inches and with that, it is 3 inches longer than the new mid-size Ranger. The Concept truck is almost 16 inches longer than the close relative Atlas SUV while it is 72 inches tall and nearly 80 inches wide. The production version would stay close to the Concept dimensions and would have about 64 inches long and 57 inches wide cargo bed.


The styling of the model would also follow the same pattern as the Atlas SUV. From the C pillar forward, like it is the case with the Ridgeline model, the Atlas truck would look almost identical to the SUV twin. There would be two—slat style grille in the same line with headlights and similar front bumper design as on the Atlas SUV.

The dynamic profile line stretching above fenders and door panels would also fit nicely to the design with the cargo bed. The model would likely come with four-doors cab only.


The interior of the Tanoak pickup truck would also be nearly identical to the SUV style and the Concept model cab style also closely resembles that design. The horizontally oriented dash design would come with the latest Car-Net infotainment system with smartphone features and the option would also be VW Digital Cockpit. The smaller touchscreen would be available in the base version and upper grades would add larger version and higher quality materials and other features.

The crew-cab style cabin would likely be the only option and that would provide the best of the interior comfort. The Tanoak truck would also offer premium features such as the heated seats, leather upholstery, premium sound system, and different appearance packages.

In the safety zone, the model would also include the systems like the blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist and more.

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck: Powertrains

With derived MQB platform from the Atlas SUV, the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck would also adopt the similar powertrains.

The Tanoak concept makes the premier with Atlas’ 3.6-liter V-6 engine. This engine in the combination with the 8-speed auto transmission makes 275 hp and torque of 266 pound-feet. The Concept version is also the four-wheel drive model and VW claims 60 mph in 8.5 seconds with this equipment.

The production version would, of course, offer the two-wheel drive in lower grades and a four-cylinder engine available in the Atlas SUV should also be in the equipment list. This 2.0-liter turbo-four engine in the Atlas application provides 235 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque.

With all mentioned, VW would also offer the driver-selectable drive modes and improved off-road gear. VW also has many engine options for the possible performance or other options and some kind of electrified powertrain could also be thrown in the combination.

With the unibody design and suspension, this truck would provide crossover-like driving characteristics and the Ridgeline would be its only rival in that regard.

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck: Arrival, Price

VW hasn’t commented on the rumors about the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck. The model would have similar starting price as the Ridgeline model around $30, 000.

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