2020 Ford F-350: News, Updates, Options

After the series of the all-new, light-duty trucks landed in the showrooms early this year as the 2019 models, the things are now getting hotter in the heavy-duty segment. General Motors revealed recently the all-new Silverado HD while the near-twin GMC Sierra HD should also come in front of the public soon. Ram is also finalizing the Ram HD models for the debut in early 2019. But, the leading brand in the industry will also respond on the redesigned competitors with the refreshed Super Series.

Ford’s heavy-duty trucks have been testing for a while and several times were caught on the camera. Spotted in deferent configurations, including the one-ton 2020 Ford F-350, the new models should bring light visual upgrades while more changes should appear in the powertrain range.

Ford is still keeping all details about the refreshed Super Duty models in the dark but as the latest reports claim the mid-upgrade could bring some replacements in the engine range while the heavy-duty, 10-speed automatic transmission should also debut. The prototype versions seem also to hide some visual modifications and Ford will also update the tech features.

2020 Ford F-350

2020 Ford F-350: Powertrains

Super Duty Series trucks were redesigned for the 2017 model year and the mid-update will soon bring the new round of upgrades for the heavy lifting utes. The Blue Oval Brand hasn’t yet revealed the details about the new version 2020 Ford F-350 and the ¾ quarter F-250 but the sources indicate possible upgrades in the powertrain lineup.

Based on the latest reports, Ford should keep the familiar V-8 gasoline and turbodiesel V-8 engines while the fleet configuration could adopt the new engine version. The current, old-design 6.8-liter V-10 unit could be replaced with the new V-8 engine. The inefficient V-10 makes 288 hp and torque of 424 pound-feet and the new 7.0-liter V-8 engine should bring better performance and efficiency. Reportedly, the new V-8 should produce around 450 hp and peak torque around 550 pound-feet.

New transmission:

Ford has another upgrade for the Super Series trucks and the heavy-duty 10-speed automatic should appear with the refreshed models. The upgraded version of the gearbox already available in the light-duty F-150 should improve the performance and efficiency of the Super Duty models but we will know the effect when Ford reveals all details.

Some sources claim also that the new 7.0-liter engine could also replace the base 6.2-liter SOHC V-8. This unit makes 385 hp and torque of 430 lb-ft. Chevy announced also the new base V-8 engine for its HD models but hasn’t revealed performance yet.

Chevy said however that the 6.6-liter Duramax diesel will stay in the current form with the peak torque at 910 lb-ft but paired with the new 10-speed automatic transmission. Ford will also keep the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbodiesel but we will see the peak torque and power this engine delivers with the new transmission. The current version provides 450 hp and torque of 935 lb-f and all chances are that Ford will stay the torque leader in the class.

2020 Ford F-350

2020 Ford F-350: Design

As for the visual upgrades, the test mules seem to hide light styling updates under the camouflage. The dually 2020 Ford F-350 spotted on the roads looks to have the tweaked grille version with the more open design and without the two-bar style. Ford hides also the headlights and taillights under the camo and they should also come with the altered design.

On the other hand, the aluminum-bodied Ford HD trucks will stay in the same shape and size as the current version. The profile style will also be the familiar form while with he refreshed front-end and rear, Ford will likely introduce the new wheel designs, color options and possibly new exterior package.

Interior, Equipment:

The interior of the Ford Super Duty trucks will likely stay pretty much in the same form which was redesigned for the 2017 version with the inspiration from the light-duty F-150 design.

Ford will likely offer several new options and make more features available in lower spec versions. The truck will also equip the latest infotainment system and advanced safety systems including also a number of cameras monitoring the cargo, the road ahead, trailer, etc.

The new trucks should repeat the current range of trim options and offer also the off-road upgrades.  There will also be different levels of the in-cab sophistication ranging from the cloth upholstery to the high-quality leather mixed with the heated and cooled seats and much more.

2020 Ford F-350: Release, Price

The refreshed 2020 Ford F-350 should soon break the covers and steel some attention from the all-new General Motors and Ram HD trucks which will debut early 2019. The price of the truck should stay close to the current range.

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