2020 Peugeot Pickup: Design, Release

The pickup truck market has become huge and hard to ignore. The huge potential profit gets attention from the carmakers around the globe and new names are expected to join the game in the near future. Peugeot isn’t, however, new in this segment and the brand offers the Peugeot Pick Up in Sub-Saharan and Northern Africa. This market, as Peugeot claims, is estimated to have the potential for 56, 000 units annually and the new-generation 2020 Peugeot Pickup should appear in 2020. The new Peugeot truck could also come to Europe and the Middle East as some reports suggest.   

PSA(Peugeot and Citroen) announced the pickup truck when revealed 2016-2021 growth plan and said then that this kind of vehicle fits in their strategy and the brand wants to return in this growing segment. It was believed that Peugeot could co-develop the new ute with Toyota based on the popular Hilux as two brands already have a joint project.  However, that won’t be the case and Peugeot will go on other side and build the new Pick Up as the joint venture with Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng.

The Chinese brand revealed recently the new 2020 Dongfeng Rich 6 truck and the new Peugeot Pickup should be based on this model. Two models will share the same architecture and design. The Rich 6 is also the first all-electric truck but it’s not clear whether this powertrain will be used in the new Peugeot truck or not. The model should come with the gas and diesel powertrains and modern interior. The crew-cab style is expected only.

2020 Peugeot Pickup

2020 Peugeot Pickup: Design

The new-generation 2020 Peugeot Pickup will be based on the recently revealed Dongfeng Rich which shares the platform with the current generation Nissan Navara. This proven underpinning is also the base of the Mercedes X-Class.

At the design level, the new Peugeot truck should be the rebadged Dongfeng Rich. The model should measure around 5.29 meters in length and around 1.85 meters in width. The new Peugeot truck is expected in the crew-cab form only.

The front fascia of the model will get attention with the large, angular grille and modern-looking headlights. The grille will sit above a sleek front bumper with the integrated fog lights. Contributing to the model’s appearance will also be the sculpted hood and swollen fender flares. The model will also have conventional tailgate and taillights.

Interior, Equipment:

The new-gen Peugeot pickup truck won’t come in the singe-cab form yet the four-door crew-cab version will be available only. The model will be one of the most comfortable models on the road and should integrate the brand’s new tech features.

The brand will offer a large touchscreen and smartphone support from the base version and durable materials. The upper grades will add upgraded upholstery and more comfort features alongside the upgraded infotainment system. It’s not clear what level of the safety technology will be installed in the model. Some reports claim that the model should appear with active safety systems but they shouldn’t be available in all markets.

2020 Peugeot Pickup

2020 Peugeot Pickup: Powertrains

Peugeot hasn’t yet revealed what powertrains it has in the mind for the new 2020 Peugeot Pickup. There should be both petrol and turbodiesel engines and automatic transmission. The truck will also offer two- and four-wheel drive.

Peugeot hasn’t also said whether the truck will offer the all-electric version as the Dongfeng Rich 6 with which it will share the platform and design. The newest Dongfeng Rich 6 EV gets power from the single electric motor capable of producing 120 kW and torque of 420 Nm. The electric motor is fed by the 68-kWh battery which should provide a 403-km range. The battery will need 45 minutes to be recharged to 80 percent.

2020 Peugeot Pickup: Release, Price

Peugeot hasn’t revealed many details about the new-generation 2020 Peugeot Pickup. The model should appear sometime in 2020 and could be marketed as the 2020 or 2021 version. PSA is yet to reveal what markets will get the new version as contradicting reports are available.

The price of the model is also a mystery for now. The Dongfeng Rich is available for 120, 00 yuan in China which is around $18, 900. However, the Peugeot should equip more premium features than the Chinese counterpart and should get more premium price. 

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