2021 Audi Pickup Truck: Rumors, Design

Audi has been in the news lately with several refreshed and redesigned models. The premium brand is working on pretty much its entire lineup and the prototype versions of different models have been spotted lately. The refreshed Audi Q7 revealed its secrets recently and the smaller Q5 was caught testing ahead of the arrival as the refreshed 2021 version. The all-new, flagship Q8 SUV joined also the brand’s range for the 2019 model year. However, Audi has recently been mentioned in the new context and rumors are spreading about the possible launch of the 2021 Audi Pickup Truck.

The growing demand for the pickup trucks is evident on the global scale and we witnessed recently the proliferation of the mid-size models. Jeep launched the Gladiator model and all-electric Tesla Pickup truck should debut soon. The Hyundai Santa Cruz will also join the game and there are also rumors about that some abandoned nameplates might be revived.

Audi hasn’t, however, commented on the rumors about the pickup truck. The rumors don’t give a clear picture of the model’s design but they suggest some possibilities.

2021 Audi Pickup Truck

2021 Audi Pickup Truck: Design

Making the pickup from the ground up would demand much time and money and rumors suggest that Audi won’t follow that direction.

It has become a common practice in the industry that two or more brands conduct joint development of the model or share components to reduce the cost and development time. There are several examines among the truck makers in industry and Mercedes and Nissan are the first coming to the mind. The Mercedes X-Class is using the Navara’s proven underpinning and running gear. The Ford Ranger and Isuzu Max are also sharing components and the same is with the Mitsubishi Triton and Fiat Fullback.

In that context, Audi is mentioned in rumors as the candidate to adopt the platform of the popular VW Amarok and build the 2021 Audi Pickup Truck. If that would be the case, Audi wouldn’t need much time to shape the new mid-size model with its signature styling. Some reports suggest, however, that Audi might use a unibody design and build the pickup truck around the VW MLB platform used in its largest SUV models.


As for the styling, the Audi Pickup Truck should adopt the same design philosophy used on the newest SUVs. So, the truck should use an octagonal grille style as the mid-size Q8 SUV and similar headlights. The body lines should also be similar until it reaches the cargo bed area. The model is rumored to come in the four-door cab style only.

Interior, Equipment:

The cabin is also expected to adopt a similar layout as the brand’s largest SUVs. The horizontally oriented dash should house the newest MMI infotainment system available with different screen sizes. Audi will also offer a number of premium comfort features and latest safety tech. There would also be comfortable seats for the front and rear passengers and many storage compartments.

2021 Audi Pickup Truck

2021 Audi Pickup Truck: Powertrains

When it comes to the powertrains, Audi has a number of options at disposal which would be adequate for the rumored 2021 Audi Pickup Truck.

The rumors suggest that most probable scenario is the TFSI V-6 engines and in some markets the diesel V-6 units. The VW Amarok is also powered with the turbocharged V-6 unit.

The TFSI engines could provide more than 300 hp which is more than enough for the mid-size truck while the TDI units could be around 250 hp. Audi might also use a smaller 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit with the number of ponies in mid-200 range. The engines would come in the combination with the 8-speed automatic transmission and there would also be a sophisticated four-wheel-drive system.

Audi could also create a high-performance version with the mighty 4.0-liter bi-turbo V-8 diesel engine under the hood or its petrol analog.

2021 Audi Pickup Truck: Release, Price

The 2021 Audi Pickup Truck is currently just a subject of rumors as we don’t have any solid proof that Audi is even considering this option. The launch for the 2021 model year seems also too soon despite Audi wouldn’t need much time to make the truck based on the VW Amarok.

On the other hand, the rumors suggest that truck should appear in late 2020 with the price around $50, 000.   

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