2023 Isuzu D-Max Changes, X-Rider, Price

There is another update happening quite soon, it is the new 2023 Isuzu D-Max. This is obviously a much-needed one since the D-Max is a bit stale and it could use more fighting power. One of the biggest news coming to this refresh is the new platform and architecture for the big pickup. Per buyers and fans, the Isuzu D-Max is among the more stylish and fashionably designed trucks on the market. There are going to be stylistic changes as well if they want to keep that stylish crown. The interior especially needs some attention. The inside needs some better storage compartments and better storage solutions.

There are going to be stylistic changes and technology upgrades on the interior. This will ensure that Isuzu’s pickup stays on top of the market. The outside isn’t poised to change too much. Some minor tweaks to the body design and some functional improvements are the only thing that could happen. The powertrain was unknown until recently and we hope that Isuzu does something to give better performance to the D-Max. There are certain rumors about electrification, but it doesn’t look like it is about to happen this time around. One thing is sure – Isuzu closed the partnership with Mazda, and D-Max could share some solutions with the BT50 pickup.

2023 Isuzu D-Max x rider

2023 Isuzu D-Max Interior

The new 2023 Isuzu D-Max is receiving a lot of updates on the inside. There will be new high-quality materials for the upholstery. Contrast stitching is added to improve luxury, and heating and ventilation are present as well. No massaging feature right now. However, the cushioning is improved so even the most bumpiest of rides would feel comfortable. There is a 9-inch infotainment system which is in the middle of the instrument panel. The dashboard is fully digital which enables some good old customization. There will be plenty of safety features implemented. This means lane change alert, pedestrian detection, upcoming collision alert, and hands-free driving per some reports.

2023 Isuzu D-Max Facelift

The outside of the 2023 Isuzu D-Max is not changing too much. There will still be huge 18-inch aluminum wheels made from lightweight materials. The front fascia is made in the same fashion, it is shiny and lightweight. This shaves off some unnecessary weight of the big pickup. This helps with the power-to-weight ratio. The whole body design is made so it is ergonomic and aerodynamic further improving fuel economy and handling. The cargo bed is 5.5 feet which is standard in today’s time. There should be a LED bar on top of the truck for better visibility. The headlights are also unchanged as well.

2023 Isuzu D-Max interior

2023 Isuzu D-Max Specs

The upcoming 2023 Isuzu D-Max is going to have decent options when it comes to powertrain. We’ll see two options for the engine, and they are good options. There is no need for more options and we will have a diesel variant of the engine. There are a 1.9-liter powertrain and a 3.0-liter powertrain. Both of these engines are going to be diesel. And this is something that will make pickup fans quite happy. Nothing comes close to the performance of a diesel-guzzling engine and the amount of torque it offers cannot be substituted. A lot of people are saying that diesel powertrains are becoming obsolete due to stricter emission regulations. But that is not about to happen yet. Eventually, everyone is moving towards green power but some manufacturers are staying true to the old ways.

The first option, a 1.9-liter engine is a turbo-four diesel and it produces 150 horsepower which is quite nice for a pickup of this size. But we would have liked to see it a bit increased. The 3.0-liter turbo-four is 190 horsepower and a whole lot of torque. They are both coming with an option of 6-speed automatic or manual transmission. This is good to have viable choices as some people simply prefer manual control over gear shifting. It can come in handy during off-roading adventures as more control over gears translates to better traction control. The towing maxes out at 7000 pounds and hauling at 2500 pounds which is not that bad at all.

There will be specially designed shock absorbers which will make the ride more comfortable. No matter the terrain. There will be other goodies added to the D-Max, hook and winch capabilities obviously are present. It will have under armor to protect the truck from getting stranded on some obstacles. There is a rear locking differential and with all the new technology it has improved rock-crawling capabilities.

new 2023 Isuzu D-Max

Electric Truck

The full electrification will happen sooner or later. We are expecting that it hits before 2030, as most manufacturers vowed to go green before this date. It won’t be easy, but there is already a new platform that will accommodate all the electrical components. The battery pack doesn’t need to be huge, 100 kWh should be able to match the current output. But going up to 150 kWh at least should offer unmatched performance as many other benefits. But as it is not going to happen this time around, we will keep an ear out for more information regarding this.

Fuel economy

The upcoming 2023 Isuzu D-Max is top-of-the-class when it comes to mileage. It can reach 33.6 mpg of combined driving. This is mainly due to it being a diesel-powered vehicle. However, the hybrid system would improve these numbers greatly. So it is a bit strange that Isuzu hasn’t done that already.

Price and release date

The upcoming 2023 Isuzu D-Max is coming to the road later during the year. Probably be towards the end of 2023. The starting price is still uncertain and we will have to wait for more information regarding this build. There is a lot of competition in that segment of the market so we will have to see how it pans out.

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