2024 Ford Ranger Updated: Hybrid and Raptor Versions Are In

Ford doesn’t seem planning to stop the restyles, and the 2024 Ford Ranger is one of the most anticipated models. The refreshers seem to happen quite often nowadays. But Ford isn’t the only manufacturer that is doing this. Today, if your truck is older than five years, it is basically obsolete. This goes for both style and technology in it. Powertrains somehow manage to continue the same way they are. But with electrification that is about to change as well. Many companies are introducing electric-only trucks and we believe this is for the greater good. They save the environment and save your money. Gas prices are becoming ridiculously expensive and if there are alternative sources of fuel, why the hell does not use those?

We can expect some interior tweaks for the 2024 Ranger. This mostly means better styling and making it contemporary to match the needs of the market. Ram and Chevy are updating their flagship trucks, so Ford has to follow suit. On the outside we expect the Ranger to continue in the same fashion as before. Being aggressive and mean-looking. The powertrain options aren’t fully known. But we suspect that the traditional engine will be used. Hybrid and electric variants are a possibility of course. Let’s find out more about the upcoming refresh.

2024 Ford Ranger raptor hybrid

The Truck Will Look Meaner

The Interior of the pickup truck is going to look fresh and modern. Expect to see improved seating with cushioning and lumbar support to ensure the best possible comfort. Massaging seats is a possibility while heated and ventilated seats are sure to happen. It will have standard infotainment with all the connectivity there is. It shouldn’t be less than 13 inches in order for everyone to enjoy the fun. The Ranger can seat five people comfortably and all trims are full four-door versions. The dashboard is digital which is a nice step toward the future. Heads up display should be available which improves safety by a lot. There are numerous other safety features. These include lane departure alerts, front collision alerts, automatic brakes and other such features. Hands-free driving should be available and it should cover at least 200000 miles of pre-mapped roads.

The new 2024 Ford Ranger has all it needs to be the top seller. It has an aggressive and mean-looking body. Which has curves at all the right places. This makes it ergonomic and aerodynamic. Which in turn helps with handling and fuel economy. The cargo bed is the standard 5.5 feet but has the updated tailgate. The tailgate can be used as a multitool, it can be a seat, stopper or a step. The truck has normal ride height, this hasn’t changed a bit. Perhaps an off-roading trim would increase this and add some better air suspension and shock absorbers. The front fascia is a classic Ford. It has a far and wide mesh with a Big Blue Oval sign. Air intakes to cool everything down in the engine department. Align with big headlights that are still square looking. This truck has it all and then some, which should make it sought after among truck lovers.

2024 Ford Ranger interior

2024 Ford Ranger Engine: Hybrid Almost Ready

According to reports, the 2024 Ford Ranger will likely see considerable alterations. For the Ranger’s powertrain, we currently have a number of confirmed engines. A 2.3-liter turbo four engines comes first. Currently, it has 270 horsepower. This engine might be upgraded as well as fitted to the new pickup. With a few adjustments, it should produce over 300 horsepower. For the Ranger, there is still a powerful Raptor variant. This will be the premiere of this truck on the continent of North America. A 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 engine will power it. This has a maximum output of 392 hp and 430 pound-feet of torque.

This is quite sufficient for a pickup of this size.  Nowadays, hybrid and electric trucks prove to be extremely widespread. Every company is rushing to complete its version of the electric pickup. Ford already did it with F-150 Lighting. As far as Ranger is concerned, these are somewhat in the future. But how would it appear if the Ford Ranger in 2024 was a hybrid or an all-electric vehicle? Many advantages come with a hybrid powertrain. To begin with, installing one or more electric motors to assist the engine can improve fuel efficiency. It offers extra horsepower as well. Additionally, each electric motor has a typical operating range of 40 miles. So, if you unintentionally run out of fuel, there’s that. The possibility of fully electric trucks exists, and who else is ready to make those than Ford?

2024 Ford Ranger hybrid

Towing Capacity and Gas Mileage

The towing and hauling skills of the F-150 Lightning are incredible, as is its range. Class-leading horsepower and torque are available. This architecture seems like it would function flawlessly in a Ranger. If we might need additional boost and greater range, we might be able to purchase a larger battery pack. Let’s suppose the sweet spot is between 150 and 200 kWh. Perhaps electrification of the 2024 Ford Ranger is too far in the future. But if Ford sticks with combustion engines only, they will definitely lose their share of the market and see their sales dwindle.

The new 2024 Ford Ranger isn’t as thirsty as some make it to be. The 3.0-liter engine gets around 28 mpg combined while the 2.3-liter will get 30 mpg. Having a hybrid or electric version would improve these numbers greatly.

2024 Ford Ranger Price and Release Date

Expect to see the new 2024 Ford Ranger later in 2023. This is probably going to happen in the summer. Starting price is estimated at $25000 which is not a lot for what you get. There is a more luxurious trim called Ranger Lariat which is estimated at around $35,000. And of course, for those looking for a bit more from their truck, there is a Ford Ranger Raptor at around $50,000.

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