2024 GMC Canyon Changes, AT4X Review

There aren’t too many small pickups on the market, but here comes the 2024 GMC Canyon. Per some people, Canyon isn’t even regarded as a small pickup. Although its dimensions sure suggest it, there are only 2 true small pickups on the market. It is the Santa Cruz and the Ford Maverick. But we feel like this segment could use some good old competition and the Canyon falls right into that. Even though it is a small pickup, it is still capable and performs well, on and off the road. It offers a lot of versatility. It is not too large so it has difficulty while driving and cutting corners and it is not too small to lack in utility.

That is the exact reason why pickups are liked by many. They can be used for everyday agendas as well as some hauling and towing. Which makes them fill a lot of roles. The interior in this redesign will be updated. Both the styling and technology are a bit stale. The outside design isn’t planned to change too much, the look is already good. The powertrain still has a question mark above it, there is always the possibility of electrification. But let’s take a look at all the details we have so far.

2024 GMC Canyon diesel

2024 GMC Canyon Facelift

Inside of the 2024 GMC Canyon is looking fresh. The new seating upholstery is exquisite and it adds many style points. There is contrast stitching along with top-of-the-line leather. Heating and ventilating features are present, and on higher trims, we should be getting a massaging feature. Extra cushioning helps with bumpy rides, which trucks sometimes like to take. Technology is updated as well, we get hands-free driving which is very popular and some others. Like for example lane change alert and pedestrian detection.

The redesigned 2024 GMC Canyon is looking quite the same as its previous version. Some minor tweaks were made in order to improve aerodynamics and ergonomics. This helps in great regard with fuel economy, handling and wind drag. There are 17-inch wheel rims that are lightweight. However, we get huge 33-inch all-terrain tires right off the bat which is a great addition. The cargo bed is not as big as we would have liked, but it does have a very useful tailgate. There are some extra inches added for ground clearance which ensures that nothing gets stuck under the pickup.

Engines and Specs

The upcoming 2024 GMC Canyon should stay as reliable as always. It was the go-to choice for people who needed a vehicle for everyday life and for some light utility. In that regard, it didn’t have a humongous beast under its hood. It didn’t need one to start with. There is still zero official confirmation about the exact powertrain for the upcoming Canyon. But there are some usual suspects that fit the bill this time around. There should be more than one engine on offer per some reports. Also, there is an indication that, as the Canyon is a twin of Chevy Colorado, it could use the same engine. This is the 2.7-liter inline-four engine. Although there will be three different outputs of the engine, the same as with Colorado.

GMC also said that for all AT4X models, they will use the 310 horsepower version of the 2.7-liter inline-four engine. This version also has 430 pound-feet of torque. Which will come in handy off the road. More torque really shows when driving in difficult terrains, such as mud, snow, and sand. This output matches the ZR2 version as well. There is also a 237 horsepower version with 260 pound-feet of torque. The truck also offers 300 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque which is still good enough for the smaller pickup. The new 2024 GMC Canyon is decent when fuel economy is concerned. It gets 19 mpg in the city and 24 on the highway. There are better trucks in class, but this is surely not a downside when buying suck a pickup. Hybridization would help in this regard immensely.

2024 GMC Canyon at4x

2024 GMC Canyon Diesel and Electric

General Motors decided to drop the popular V6 and Duramax Diesel engines. This is probably because of stricter emission control. We all see where the automotive industry is going, and it is toward clean energy. Everyone is trying to save the planet we live on. But some things simply can’t substitute the big roaring diesel engine under the hood of a pickup. They offer unmatched performance with power and torque, also much better fuel economy when compared to other powertrains. So we can conclude that electrification is bound to happen at some point in the future. Perhaps it is the next time GMC decides to do a redesign.

There should be a change of platform and architecture in the next iteration. This would enable the Canyon to accommodate all the important components of the electrical powertrain. The battery pack doesn’t have to be huge in this case. The pickup is small, so 100 kWh should outmatch the current output of the pickup. But going a bit overboard, let’s say 150kWh would offer many benefits. This includes amazing mileage on a single charge, unmatched performance, and good power distribution. We are hoping for at least 2 electrical motors to send that power to each axle. There are great examples of as many as four motors, one for each wheel. We can’t imagine what type of benefits it would have. But we will have to wait for this type of upgrade, for at least a little while. The Canyon maxes out at 7700 pounds towing.

2024 GMC Canyon interior

Price and release date

The fresh 2024 GMC Canyon is bound to hit the round later this year. Probably towards the end of it. The price differs from trim to trim, as does the number of amenities we get with each one. We have Elevation for $38000, AT4 for $45000, 4WD Denali for $52000, AT4X for $56000 and AT4X Edition 1 for $68000.

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