2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Preview

For fans of luxury pickups, we have a surprise, all hail the new 2024 Lexus Pickup Truck. The news is a bit surprising, and on the other hand not so much. Lexus is obviously trying to give the truck market a shot. They are well known for their superb sedans and luxury SUVs. But trucks are not something that is synonymous with the Lexus nametag. But it looks like that is about to change according to a recent announcement by the company. It is still uncertain what kind of pickup Lexus is going to try out.

But most speculations and rumors point to a luxurious one. This is a bit strange since luxury and utility don’t go hand in hand too often. But we have seen stranger pairings to be honest. We can guess that the new Lexus pickup will take inspiration from the LX 600 and Toyota Tundra. These are excellent proxies for a good-looking truck. The exterior will probably resemble Lexus’ SUVs, with its body design and looks. The inside will probably be rich with technology and top of a line interior. Let’s take a closer look at what the new Lexus Pickup will look like.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck

What Will 2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Look Like?

The 2024 Lexus Pickup Truck will be quite special on the inside. This won’t be your everyday workhorse. Lexus is all about style and luxury for every vehicle they produce. Expect fine leather with contrast stitching for the upholstery. We expect a cabin with 5 seats. At the proposed price tag we believe it will have massaging features along with heating and ventilating. A central infotainment system is most probable, hopefully the size isn’t smaller than 13 inches. The dashboard is going to be fully digital as well. Safety technology is implemented as well. You get your lane change alert, front collision alert, sensors for parking and much more. Also, there should be hands-free driving software. The question remains whether Lexus makes their own or borrows already-made software.

The outside of the pickup will probably resemble a Toyota Tundra or some of the Lexus SUVs. We can expect a contemporary look with a lot of curves. This would make it stylish and body design will be ergonomic and improve fuel economy. Wheel rims would be 18 inch, with the option of increasing that. Off-roading tires aren’t something Lexus does very often. The cargo bed should be the standard length, 5.5 feet. Ride height is quite tall in order to ensure good ground clearance. Bumpers are seamless and fit well with the overall design.

2024 Lexus Truck

Engine and Specs

The new 2024 Lexus Pickup Truck is one big mystery when it comes to the powertrain choice. We are still uncertain whether it is going to be a traditional engine or fully electric. There are certainly options for both choices. So let’s take a look at what we have in store right now. What kind of powertrain the newcomer will utilize will be determined by the size of the truck. The new unit, in our opinion, is the front-runner. Similar to the pickup, not much is known about it. The number of cylinders and the fact that the powertrain will include a turbocharger system were both made official by Toyota. However, there are no estimates for horsepower, payload capacity, or fuel efficiency. The finest engine for the mid-size pickup in the current lineup is unquestionably the 3.5-liter V6. On the other side, engineers will need to increase the power bar with a V8 unit if Lexus’s pickup is to be a full-size vehicle. In either case, the Lexus Truck will have the ability to tow. Mid-size cars have a 7,000-pound towing capacity, but the full-size Tundra is far more powerful.

The off-road talents are also undeniable. Some of the strongest off-road vehicles on the market include Land Cruiser, TRD Pro versions, and a few more nameplates thanks to Fox dampers and other suspension improvements. Since the pickup is starting from scratch it would also make perfect sense to make it fully electric from the get-go.

2024 Lexus pickup Truck concept

Electric Truck

There are plenty of platforms and architecture that could support a fully electric powertrain. It is up to Lexus to choose one. The battery shouldn’t be on the smaller side. This is due to it being a pickup and we can guess it won’t be small at all. So expect a 150 kWh battery if they go green right away. This would outmatch the performance of the traditional engine and give it an amazing range. Anything below 300 miles on a single charge is not acceptable. Also we hope for at least 2 electric motors for the electric powertrain. This would improve power distribution as well as handling and steering. Some trucks go as far as 4 electric motors, one for each wheel. But 2 are quite good as well. Unfortunately no news or confirmation about the diesel variant. This is probably because new regulations are coming to strength and diesel is about to go extinct. This doesn’t make people happy as nothing can substitute the fast wheel-spinning force of a good diesel engine.

Fuel economy

This will heavily depend on the size and weight of the 2024 Lexus Pickup Truck. It will probably be in the vicinity of 18 mpg for city driving and 25 for the highway. This would obviously be much better if the powertrain was electric. But we will have to wait and see what happens in the end.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

Rumors indicate that we could see the 2024 Lexus Pickup Truck on the road, later in 2023. Considering this is a Lexus, we can guess it won’t come cheap. LX 600 is $90000, so estimates put the Lexus Pickup at around $100,000.

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