2024 Mitsubishi L200 Spy Photos: This is What the Truck Will Look Like At the US Debut

There are numerous reasons to feel excited about the upcoming 2024 Mitsubishi L200. This year’s model will replace the current fifth-gen which has been originally introduced back in 2015. With the new model Mitsubishi should bring a revised suspension, updated, more comfortable and luxurious interior that was the biggest downside of L200 in the past, slightly more potent engine options with greater towing rates, and much more.

There are also rumors about new gasoline powertrains and new hybrid models.But there is no official statement from Mitsubishi right now. The one thing we are sure about is that the interior will get a much-needed overhaul in order to become more comfortable and modern so he can compete against fierce competition in this category.

new 2024 mitsubishi l200

2024 Mitsubishi L200 Specs

The upcoming 2024 Mitsubishi L200 will come on the Nissan F-Alpha platform that is currently used in the new Navara, Frontier, and Pathfinder. L200 will be available in 2 cab variants like the previous year’s model.  That will be a single-cab and double-cab option.

In terms of powertrains, the upcoming Mitsubishi L200 is coming in two engine variations with a total of three power outputs. The 2.3L turbo-diesel will be available in two variations with 170 and 195 horsepower, and the more powerful version will be a slightly improved (from last year’s model ) 2.4L turbodiesel with 205 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. With power, the towing capacity is also getting a boost. The towing capacity of the most powerful variant, rises to 7,000 pounds, while those of the lower power models rise to 6,600 pounds, and 6,200 pounds, respectively.

There is a very good chance that the hybrid variant of the 2024 Mitsubishi L200 will be revealed at the end of 2023, but only time will tell if we were right. The new model should get independent suspension and that will be a huge upgrade for overall ride quality and comfort from previous springs on the back setup that was dated.

Mitsubishi L200 Interior

The 2024 Mitsubishi L200 is expected to have significant improvements to its interior. This could include an updated info infotainment software system with updated software and possibly a larger touchscreen on the center console. Seats should also get a new design with better lumbar support with heating and cooling options. Also, they will be more comfortable for longer journeys. With the use of more quality materials, ambient lighting, improved dashboard design, and an updated infotainment system the entire truck interior will look and feel more modern and luxurious.

As a whole, the 2024 Mitsubishi L200 is likely to offer a comfortable, modern, and well-equipped interior that will appeal to people who want a truck that can be used both as a workhorse and as a daily driver.

2024 mitsubishi l200 release date

What Will Hybrid Truck Bring?

There is no official statement from Mitsubishi that a Hybrid version of the L200 is on the way but the whole truck industry is moving in that direction so we expect in early 2024 from this Japanese manufacturer to introduce such a system for the L200.

When we look at what could be the powertrain for the upcoming L200 we should not look further than the 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Outlander is powered by a PHEV system with a small petrol engine that is combined with an electric motor to produce extra power. For the upcoming L200, we expect an improved or totally revisited powertrain. As regards, L200 Hybrid outputs need to get a boost in order to keep up with the weight and specifications of diesel and gasoline models. The configuration of the motors will probably stay the same. There will be two electric engines, one on each axle, and a turbo gasoline engine that will probably produce around 400 horsepower combined.

Towing capacity should rise from the normal model. However, this is the biggest obstacle for truckmakers that intend to build hybrid pickups. Battery specifications will be adapted to a higher-powered engine. It will rise from 20Kwh to 29Kwh. They will get a charger at max at the home outlet for around 4 hours. It will come with only an all-wheel drive with adaptive suspension. As for the interior and exterior of the truck, there are not many rumors around. But we have no doubt that Mitsubishi will make the interior of the truck as comfortable and modern as it would be for a regular model. The interior of the truck will also receive a redesign in a futuristic direction.

2024 mitsubishi l200 spy photos

Price and Release Date

The 2024 Mitsubishi L200 is expected to hit dealerships in the late summer of this year. Its starting price is around $29,000, which is about average for mid-size pickups of this class. The hybrid model would cost around $37,000 for starting model and go up to $42.000 depending on specifications and additional equipment. Some countries can get the L200 under a different name tag. It will be called Triton or Barbarian.

Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Isuzu D-Max, Volkswagen Amarok, and Chevrolet Colorado will compete against the new Mitsubishi L200. Due to its competitive price, and new much-needed changes in the interior and the exterior of the truck, we hope the new Mitsubishi L200 will find a way to reach customers.

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