2024 Tesla Cybertruck: Price, Range, Configurations

This might come as bad news, but the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck is getting delayed once more. This is not the first time we heard news similar to this. This is not a good outlook for the Tesla manufacturer. Many of their previous vehicles were excellent build and were much sought after. This might be the main reason that Cybertruck saw a lot of pre-sales purchases. But constantly delaying the production and release isn’t very good for Tesla. Especially considering they are owned by the richest man on earth. Why is it then being delayed, what is stopping them from starting production?

Those are questions for another time surely. But they are important ones nonetheless. We are here to discuss the performance and look of the Tesla pickup. We are expecting a futuristic-looking interior with a lot of new technology. The exterior attracted a lot of attention. It surely didn’t look like your everyday pickup. But this strange look could also be what made it interesting. The pickup will be exclusively an electric version. The powertrain department is the gist of the build. We are expecting a lot from Tesla considering electric vehicles are kind of their thing. But, they are not the only one that will produce such a truck. The Ford F-150 Lighting is also coming out.

2024 Tesla Cybertruck towing capacity

2024 Tesla Cybertruck Interior and Exterior

The inside of the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck is going to look like the cockpit of a spaceship. And it will look stylish even in spite of that. New top of the line leather with contrast stitching is used. Black and gray are the main colors for the interior. Big touch screen for the infotainment and it is 14 inches. The dashboard is also fully digital which is customizable. There will be 2 rows for passengers, so capacity is 5 people. The audio system is going to be brand made which is a nice addition. Moon roof will also be implemented.

The exterior is a strange one to say the least for the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck. It is quite square looking and similar to vehicles from a Nintendo 64 game. Even Though it doesn’t look ergonomic and aerodynamic, we are sure that designers and engineers know what they are doing. Big 18-inch wheel rims are available, obviously made from lightweight aluminum. No front mesh as it is fully electric and we get extra cargo space under the hood. So far we know only of one exterior color and it is gray. The bumpers aren’t quite prominent and they fit well with the design. It has amazing rock-crawling capabilities and the Cybertruck can turn all 4 wheels, not just the front.

2024 Tesla Cybertruck interior

2024 Tesla Cybertruck Specs

This is the cream of the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck. The powertrain is much talked about. We know that it will be sold only as a fully electric pickup. This might be the biggest draw for people to buy this pickup. There will be three versions of the pickup, this was announced by the manufacturer themselves. The pickup will have a one-motor setup, a two-motor version and one with three motors. This is never seen before in the world of pickups and is a breath of fresh air. The version with two motors will be able to achieve 625 horsepower. This is immense power for a pickup and will surely show its due diligence while being used as a workhorse. Not a lot of pickups in the mid-size segment have that type of power.

So Cybertruck has that going on for them. And all that without actual fuel, all with the power of good old electricity. The range is said to be 300 miles on a single charge. Again it is much better than most electrical vehicles on the market. It is also good that the pickup has fast charging. But the one model we are most excited about is the tri-motor model. It will feature over 1000 horsepower which is ridiculous. Not even super-duty trucks get that kind of performance. Also, it will have over 1,200 pound-feet of torque. No pickup can outmatch that, we are sure of it. So based on its specifications, the Cybertruck is going to smoke its competition. We can’t wait to see it in real action and showcasing its capabilities. Per reports, the truck can tow about 7,500 pounds.

2024 Tesla Cybertruck price

Range and Performance

Tesla is funny sometimes and they like to use their own units. We have Watts to Freedom or WTF for short. This is a type of driving mode that will turn on the boosters and give you a lot more power to work with. From zero to sixty mph it needs 3.5 seconds. This is obviously supercar territory and no pickup should be able to do that. The single-motor Cybertruck is no joke either. It needs 6.4 seconds to achieve 60 mph. The top speed is 120 mph for the dual-motor unit and 130 for the tri-motor one. The version with three motors can tow 14000 pounds, talk about power. Fast charging is available so drivers will be able to get around 100 miles with a quick 10-minute charge.

The mileage will depend on the battery size and the number of motors for the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck. The range should be around 500 miles on a single charge for the tri-motor unit. The one motor unit should get upwards of 300 miles.

Price and Release Date

Even Though there were several postponing of the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck, we should see it on the road later in 2023. This is so far and yet so close, we guess that people who purchased it in presales can’t wait. The price will heavily depend on the number of motors. A single-motor unit will cost around $40,000, dual-motor will be $50,000 and the tri-motor version is a whopping $70,000. It is among the pricier pickups you can find on the market, but the value is worth it.

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