2024 Toyota Tundra Changes, I Force Max Specs

Another big pickup is coming our way, here comes the new 2024 Toyota Tundra. It has been a while since the Tundra received an update, and it is a much-needed one. Many competitors are upgrading their flagships and Tundra might get left behind if something is not done about it. The Tundra is currently a top seller, it has the style, the sturdiness, and definitely the performance. Hence it is in high demand among both people who need it for everyday agenda and for work. There is a lot of competition in that category of pickups, and they are all looking good. When fighting for the biggest piece of the pie, manufacturers have to tick all the boxes as one flaw can be fatal for pickups.

The extent of this redesign is not known yet, but we expect it will bring many good improvements. The interior should be updated, both with style and technology. The style needs to be contemporary and some pickups have a lot more luxury than Toyota previously offered. The outside is not looking to change much, but it could receive minor tweaks to upgrade functionality. The powertrain is a big question mark and we will have to wait and see what Toyota decides to do. Let’s take a look at the whole picture of the Tundra.

2024 Toyota Tundra TRAILHUNTER

2024 Toyota Tundra Interior and Exterior

The inside of the upcoming 2024 Toyota Tundra is looking better than ever. The new cushioning is added to improve comfort, this will really show on the bumpiest rides. And Tundra is ready to take on the off-road. There is a 14-inch touchscreen in the middle of the instrument panel, the dashboard is fully digital. This allows for customization so you can track important data. There is dual-zone climate control as well as brand made audio system and moon roof. Hands-free driving is added on all trims per reports and this can help drivers relax a bit behind the steering wheel.

The outside of the 2024 Toyota Tundra is not changing too much. There are some minor body design tweaks that improve ergonomics and aerodynamics. This helps with fuel economy as well as handling. The wheels are 18-inch ones and are lightweight. This also helps shave off some weight to improve the power-to-weight ratio and make the pickup faster. The front grille is big and aggressive, which is just what the doctor ordered for Tundra. Headlights are unchanged and continue to shine bright and look stylish. Bumpers have hook and winch capability and are quite prominent.

2024 Toyota Tundra HYBRID

Engine and Specifications

The new 2024 Toyota Tundra will continue to offer a single engine. This is not a bad thing as some make it out to be. The one powertrain in question is reliable and powerful. On top of that, it will have a hybrid version that is paired with an electric motor. The upcoming Tundra is the sole full-size pickup on the market, without a V8 engine under the hood.  Instead, a 10-speed automatic gearbox and a twin-turbo V-6 are the only options available. There are three different potencies of this engine.

The non-hybrid engine’s output on the base SR trim is 348 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque. Otherwise, it produces 479 pound-feet and 389 horses. The non-hybrid version of the vehicle was tested and the vehicle achieved a zero-to-60-mph time of 6.1 seconds at the test track. With the hybrid model, purely electric driving is possible at low speeds thanks to an electric motor that is integrated into the transmission. The combined engine produces 437 horses and 583 pound-feet of torque, cutting the time from 0 to 60 mph to just 5.7 seconds. The back suspension, which was formerly equipped with leaf springs, has also been altered from its predecessor.

With a newly tuned coil-spring rear suspension, the Tundra now has smoother driving and more responsive handling characteristics. This was clear from the versions we drove. The well-liked TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road packages are still available from Toyota. The former has special wheels, skid plates, and off-road suspension. The latter has 20-inch wheels and a lowered suspension. The TRD Pro, which has a raised suspension, unique dampers, and a unique set of black paint-coated 18-inch wheel rims with all-terrain tires, is the best option for those looking for the most off-road capability.

2024 Toyota Tundra

2024 Toyota Tundra Electric

There were many news of possible electrification, it wouldn’t be the first one for Toyota. However, we will have to wait for a bit more on that change. But it isn’t too complicated to imagine the big Tundra with a battery pack. Just look at the upcoming Hummer, it offers unmatched performance with a 350 kWh battery. Toyota could do with a bit less, since the Tundra is not as heavy. But no reason they should settle for less. Also, dual motor setup is the most common, but we can see them having as much as 4 different electric motors, one for each wheel. This would offer the best possible power distribution and give the best results that transfer well while driving on roads. Tundra can currently tow 12000 pounds and haul just shy of 2000 pounds.


Fuel economy

The 2024 Toyota Tundra is decent when fuel economy is talked about. Competition has good mileage, but the big pickup gets 20 mpg in the city and 24 on the open road without the hybrid. The hybrid model gets the same numbers strangely, but it is expected that hybridization should improve those numbers.

2024 Toyota Tundra Release Date

The upcoming 2024 Toyota Tundra is bound to hit the road later in 2023. Probably the last quarter of that calendar year. This is just in time to battle it out with numerous competitors in that category. Trims dictate the price and there are quite a few. We have SR for $39000, SR5 for $45000, Limited for $51000, and Limited Hybrid for $56000. The 1794 edition for $62000, Platinum for $64000, and Platinum Hybrid for $67000. TRD Pro Hybrid for $71000 and Capstone Hybrid for $77000.

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