Audi Q7 Pickup Truck: Possible Design and Specs

When we are speaking about luxury passenger vehicles, famous German automaker Audi needs no special introduction. But if we would mention this brand in context of pickup trucks, at this moment it would sound strange. It would immediately be tagged as a rumor as well. However, similar story was with Wrangler-based pickup and what it closer to Audi, Mercedes’ truck also experienced the same fate until both models have been confirmed. So, yes Audi Q7 Pickup Truck is currently matter of speculations but we like to hear them because many of them have become reality.

What it is:

Yes, Audi hasn’t said anything or even hinted about its pickup truck but this vehicle is circulating in many articles and reports. Despite it is probably the fruit of speculations it sounds interesting and at list seems like great suggestion for the brand. So, let’s see what these speculations made of this truck.

Audi Q7 Pickup Truck

Audi Q7 Pickup Truck: Possible Design

When it comes to the design of the Audi Q7 Pickup Truck, reports suggest that Audi would not build this truck from ground up. It should borrow elements like chassis, axles, probably suspension system and more form popular VW Amarok. It would definitely reduce production cost and would speed up this project. The same scenario is with Mercedes’ pickup which will share its running gear with Navara pickup.

On the other hand, what we can conclude from the name of this truck, it would apply very similar exterior design as the new generation of Audi’s Q7 SUV. Yet, again this scenario is known from the Honda Ridgeline which also shares many of its running gear but also of styling with Honda’s Pilot SUV.

So, front fascia of this truck should adopt similar grille and headlights design as the Q7 SUV. Similar bumper should also take its position in this design. However, model should get higher ground clearance than SUV model which should provide better approach angle for rough terrains.

Squared-off fenders and pronounced character line will define profile which will continue to probably crew cab version of the cabin and then to cargo bed.


On inside, Audi will provide its sense of luxury. The model would probably use similar design as the Q7 SUV. Horizontal-oriented dash design with pop-up center screen, familiar HVAC controls and modern instrument cluster should sit in front of driver and front passenger. There will also be supportive and comfortable Audi’s seats with all additional comfort features.

Audi will also provide the latest MMI infotainment system while virtual cockpit might also be in offer. Other tech options as well as safety aids should also correspond with features that we can get with the Q7 SUV.

Audi Q7 Pickup Truck: Powertrain

About powertrains, the brand should offer Audi Q7 Pickup Truck with variety of TDI and TFSI engines like its every model. However if this model would go to US markets at least at this moment we should forget about diesel engines. But, it is also a question would this model (if it be actualized) go to the US at all.

Regardless, the Audi pickup could get a similar turbodiesel engine as the new Amarok. It uses 3.0 liter V-6 with ability to produce 221 hp and 325 pound-feet of torque.

Gasoline powered version could get a 3.0 liter TFSI V-6 form the Q7 SUV. In this model this engine delivers 333 hp and torque of 325 pound-feet.

For the transmission we should consider eight-speed Tiptronic automatic while there will also be all-wheel drive system.

Audi Q7 Pickup Truck: Possible Release and Price

About dates we can’t speak at this moment because we need something more official than just speculations. However, if this form of the Audi Q7 Pickup Truck would emerge in near future its price could stand around $48, 000 for the base versions. Top-spec version would reach reach middle $60k.

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