BMW Pickup Truck Concept and Release Date

Since we are talking about wishful thinking, here is a BMW Pickup Truck Concept. BMW is a well-known name in the automotive industry. However, it is not that well known in the truck game. Or should we say, nobody ever heard of a BMW pickup? The German manufacturer was always focused on the European market. There isn’t a lot of need for pickup around those parts. Therefore, it never occurred to them to invest in the development of an amazing-looking pickup. That is, until now. They are obviously expanding their grasp.

It seems they want to dominate the North American market. But for starters they could at least make a pickup to see how they fare against household names. We mean Ford, GM, Ram and such. This concept was revealed several years ago at an auto show. The truck dubbed X7 was built by trainees at BMW. We might say they did an amazing job, because it turned a lot of heads and people actually enjoyed the idea of a BMW-made pickup. So why haven’t they made it a reality yet? It beats us. So what exactly would the truck look like if it was made today?

BMW Pickup Truck

What We Know so far?

There have been whispers that other luxury manufacturers, like Lexus and Land Rover, might follow suit ever since Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 2018 X Class Pickup. Now it appears that BMW has arrived at that point faster than any other manufacturer that was in the running.

The unique BMW  Pickup Truck concept was unveiled not so recently by the German automaker to demonstrate that the company offers more than just slick sedans. The innovative ute conversion was created by 12 BMW vocational trainees in collaboration with the Concept Vehicle Constructions and Model Technology divisions at the BMW Munich factory, and it had its public debut at the BMW Motorrad Days last week.

The five-seater, which was developed in just 10 months, is similar to the X7 station wagon on which the pickup is based in that it has an adjustable height, air suspension with two levels of settings, 340 horsepower, and a slew of high-end features. The vehicle has a sizable loading area as well. The bed’s finely polished teakwood covering, which covers 55 inches when closed or 80 inches when open, goes well with the pick-Tanzanite up’s Blue metallic appearance. According to BMW, this navy blue coating draws additional depth from sunlight and was influenced by yacht design.

No official production date has been stated. This means that they haven’t worked out all the kinks. Or they simply want to surprise everyone. We know that they want a share of the market. They aren’t simply going to turn around and let Mercedes-Benz get everything. After all they have been at each other’s throats for ages. They are the two biggest names in the automotive industry in Europe, if not the world.

BMW Pickup Truck concept

BMW Pickup Truck Concept Expectations

The BMW had plans like these before. In 2011 they even unveiled the M3 coupe. Which not everyone liked, and hence it was scratched and tossed into the bin. But this truck did attract a lot of attention. It has style, it has pedigree, and on paper, it even has great performance. The luxury in the interior is second to none. The latest technology will be implemented. This means top of the line infotainment, improved seating with massaging feature, and sunroof which can be dimmed with a press of a button.

Hands-free driving software is probable. Ford and GM have it. So who is to say that BMW won’t develop their own for this occasion? It just remains to be seen how much of the pre-mapped roads will be available for this feature. Other safety features are standard. You have your automatic brakes, pedestrian detection, lane change alert, front collision alert and such. This truck should seat 5 people with ease with plenty of room to spare. Although the cargo bed won’t be on par with the working horses that Ford has. It was never meant to do that. This pickup is all about luxury and style while having the popular look.

Features and Accessories

We suppose that standard 19-inch alloys will be available for wheels. Of course, they are lightweight and aluminum. This improves power to weight ratio, which BMW doesn’t have problems with. There will be many colors available but we only got to see Navy Blue with the renderings. Bumpers are not prominent, they blend in well with the overall body language. Designers did an excellent job at making the truck more aerodynamic and ergonomic. This improves fuel economy as well as handling on the road. We don’t suppose it will visit the off-road too often considering its ride height. It does have a sporty look to it with the hood curves and all.

We wonder why there aren’t electric variants on paper. Electric trucks aren’t just fiction anymore. Ford has done it, and if BMW wants the share of the glory, they need to do it as well. A big battery pack of no less than 150 kWh should do. It would give it good range and make it powerful enough to run with the big boys.

BMW Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

There is no official announcement about the shipping date. But since it is a concept we don’t suppose it will come this year. Best we can hope for if this becomes reality is late 2023 or early 2024. As far as price is concerned, it won’t come cheap. After all, it is a BMW and all the style does come with a hefty price tag. The estimated price is $60000.

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