2018 GMC Canyon: Design, Engines, Price

2018 GMC Canyon

Secure handling, smooth ride quality, responsive steering, fuel efficient engines may not be the attributes that are expected to be associated with pickup trucks but things have definitely changed with reintroduction of the GMC Canyon and its closely related Chevy Colorado. These mid-size trucks have refreshed this niche and have definitely set some benchmarks. The same but may be even more we should expect from the 2018 GMC Canyon.

What will we get?

Aside from mentioned driving qualities, this compact truck is and will be available in several cab and bed configurations and there will also be multiple trim options which will equip this truck according to your needs with everything from work-truck version to modern and luxury equipped family vehicle. Plus we should get upgraded tech features and revised safety equipment. Some styling changes and powertrains modifications might also be seen with arrival of this truck.

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2017 GMC Sierra HD: Changes, Price

2017 GMC Sierra HD

If you are looking for a durable and reliable pickup truck with heavy-duty status, then among the other contenders you should certainly consider heavy-duty duo branded as GMC Sierra HD. These models available as Sierra 2500HD and larger Sierra 3500HD come with comfortable nature, considerable capabilities and good ride quality. Like its main rivals from the Ford and Ram, these models can be configured in variety of body styles, equipment levels and powertains and Sierra 3500HD is also available with dual-rear-wheel axle which raises its hauling capabilities. In terms of mechanics, these models share hardware with equivalents form Silverado HD series.

The current generation of Sierra HD debuted in 2007 model year. Important upgrades were introduced in 2011 including new frame, suspension, upgraded turbodiesel engine and deluxe Denali trim. Next years have also brought some incremental upgrades in all aspects while the last model year added upgraded infotainment system, trailering package, and electronic steering system on higher end models. As for 2017 GMC Sierra HD, the models will add functional hood scoop which was shown on the Sierra Denali 2500HD but the same is expected with the 3500HD models. Other changes haven’t been announced and carry-over scenario is expected.

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2017 GMC Canyon: Specs, New trim

2017 GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon is mid-side truck which delivers more civilized, fuel-efficient and comfortable ride than full-size ones and most of its class mates. For those who don’t need heavy-duty towing ratings and also want more maneuverable size, this truck would be great alternative. It is closely related with Chevy’s Colorado and main rivals are Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. Its position in the brand’s lineup is bellow the full-size Sierra 1500.

The company has returned this nameplate in 2015 after absence of two model year. Back then, it was all-new, engineered on the new body-on-frame architecture and capable for impressive payloads. Two engine options and two transmissions were offered and interiors were notably improved. The next 2016 model added new four-cylinder diesel engine and infotainment system was upgraded to support Apple Car Play. For the upcoming model year the 2017 GMC Canyon will be carry over except it will add posh Denali trim.

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2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate: Specs, Price

2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate

The GMC Sierra is highly reputable name in automobile industry and it covers full-size truck lineup from half-tone light duty Sierra 1500 up to the Sierra 3500 HD which is strengthened heavy-duty version. However when the GMC name is followed with Denali nameplate it is known that we deal with premium-grade versions. Denali badged models mean high level comfort, refined interior and otherwise optional features are standard on this trim. The Denali nameplate has been used since a 1999 model year for all SUV models and trucks.

This nameplate is one of the most successful trims for the brand which accounts around 20 % of total GMC’s sales. However, GMC is ready to go even step further and new Sierra model will offer a top of the line 2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate version. This new package standardizes otherwise optional features and adds several new ones as well. Some visual updates are also included and four-wheel drive is also standard. However, it will come with two engine options but mechanics remains the same as it was.

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2017 GMC Canyon Denali: Review

2017 GMC Canyon Denali

If you don’t need the capability of the full-size truck or you may be take them as too big or cumbersome and something more manageable and fuel-efficient is what you are looking for, the mid-size pickup class is where you should find adequate solution. The GMC Canyon is vehicle of that type and other alternatives are models like Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma, etc. The GMC Canyon came completely new for 2015 model year after a two year absence. Since this reintroduction it has been rumored that company will soon offer a premium-grade Denali version and it was confirmed at the last Los Angeles auto Show where 2017 GMC Canyon Denali was unveiled.

Until now, premium luxury versions have been something that is reserved for full-size trucks like Ford’s the King Ranch trim or Ram’s the Longhorn models and Canyon Denali is the first mid-size model offering premium luxury grade. Other GMC’s models with Denali treatment are proven as good sellers with roughly 25 percent of total sales and it is also expected with a new Canyon model. So, with new Denali model we will get the truck which offer upscale amenities and features that are optional or even unavailable on other trims, special treatment on its exterior, and two powertrain options which include one diesel option.

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2016 GMC Sierra 1500: Performance, Trims, Price

2016 GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC Sierra trucks are just cleverly designed to deliver the most of what the pickup truck buyers demand.  They still don’t go with aluminum or with turbo or diesel engines but they successfully stay competitive with hauling and towing ratings, and also in terms of fuel economy and driving performance. As for GMC Sierra 1500 model, it is classified as a full-size pickup truck and its mechanical structure is nearly identical to the Chevy’s Silverado 1500. As main rivals for this truck are considered mentioned Silverado 1500, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra, Ram 1500 and of course top-selling Ford F-150.

The model has been redesigned for 2014 model year and charges included new engines and drivetrains, refreshed styling, upgraded interiors, and improvements related to modern infotainment and safety features. The next 2015 model hasn’t brought many changes and they mostly were turned to upgrading of electronics and new trim was added as well. Coming to the 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 and this model year, the changes are limited on the refreshed front side, some equipment upgrades, new Denali Ultimate trim while mechanical aspect remains based on the last redesign. The model is available in three cub styles and in total of seven trims.

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