2020 Holden Colorado: News, Design, Specs, Release

2020 Holden Colorado

The mid-size Holden Colorado is another model worth considering in this crowded class. With the last refresh received for the 2017 version, the Colorado is a sleek and capable model with the efficient turbodiesel engine and composed ride. The brand added recently the SportCat versions with more aggressive styling and some suspension upgrades.  As for…

2018 Holden Colorado: Changes, Specs, Price

2018 Holden Colorado

In its current form, the Holden Colorado is fun to drive, fuel efficient, practical and capable of towing big loads. Its diesel engine is great performer either in delivering torque or in fuel economy and the Holden Colorado also has nice road manners. On the other hand, it combines rugged exterior with the high-quality interior and modern tech and safety features.

The model was refreshed for the 2017 year and most of the mentioned qualities were on the revision. The suspension and steering system was improved for better ride comfort and responsiveness. More aggressive exterior and much-improved interior are also the effects of the recent refresh as well as the availability of more tech and safety features than ever. In that context, the 2018 Holden Colorado is not expected to bring some radical changes after this much-needed and successful update.

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2018 Holden Ute: Possible design and Powertrains

2018 Holden Ute

The one and only ute left, the Holden Ute is definitely fan to drive, flexible and we love how its thirsty V-8 engine sounds. However, this unique vehicle won’t likely see the next generation version as the new Commodore sedan, on which the Ute is based, has been revealed as the fully imported Commodore which is actually the Opel Insignia with the lion badge. The German-built Commodore sedan will also get the wagon version which will continue to be marketed as the Sportwagon. However, since the future of the Holden Ute is uncertain what left us is to speculate how the 2018 Holden Ute might look if it comes based on the new-generation Commodore.

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2017 Holden Colorado: Facelift, Features, Price

2017 Holden Colorado

The things are evolving fast in pickup truck industry and if you want to stay relevant you have to keep the pace with others. Engineers from the Holden company know that and as the result the facelifted 2017 Holden Colorado has been shown in new light. It is now better in many aspects and closer to rivals as never before.

What’s new?

Reworked Holden Colorado brings improvements in its exterior styling, and interior is also modern progression over the current version. There is also raft of the new technology features including upgraded infotainment system and upgraded safety. On the other hand reworked Holden’s truck continues with the same platform including familiar engine but some improvements in suspension and steering are also present.

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2016 Holden Colorado: Review

2016 Holden Colorado

Pickup trucks are not only big hit in US yet its growing popularity is also notable in Australia and Asia but new models are to be born in Europe as well. Holden is General motors’ division situated in Port Melbourne Australia and Holden Colorado is pickup truck produced by this company. It is faced with…