2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Release Date and First Prototype Images

2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid release date

Another good pickup is getting a redesign, it is the 2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid. This one was quite a long time coming. The Ridgeline is in great need of a redesign as the design and technology seem a bit outdated. Especially when compared with other competitors in the same class. And if Honda wants to…

2023 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Release Date and Gas Mileage

2023 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid release date

It looks like we are getting another refresh, it is the 2023 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid. This doesn’t come as a surprise as other manufacturers are updating their flagship trucks. The Ridgeline did receive an update recently, back in 2021. So it is quite soon, but in order to keep up with the big boys, Honda…

2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R: Rumors, Design

2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R

The Honda Ridgeline remains a sole unibody construction pickup truck on the roads in the US with the superior handling, ride quality, SUV-like cabin but with limited towing and off-road capability. The mid-size Ridgeline arrived all-new for the 2017 model year and has been on the roads without significant changes since then. The model received…

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition: Specs, Price

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

The Honda Ridgeline remains unique among other pickup trucks in the mid-size class thanks to its SUV-derived underpinning. With the SUV like unibody design and suspension, the Ridgeline provides unmatched ride quality compared to the body-on-frame rivals. The Ridgeline rides smoothly around the town and on highways while you feel more control through corners. However,…

2020 Honda Ridgeline Type R: Rumors, Performance, Design

2020 Honda Ridgeline Type R

The mid-size Honda Ridgeline is already a class of its own thanks to its SUV-derived construction. With that this unibody-design pickup truck provides almost car-like road manners and interior comfort but can’t match the towing and off-road capability of the old-school body-on-frame models. However, the Ridgeline is still capable of towing 5, 000 pounds and buyer who need more will likely chase some full-size model.

So, the Ridgeline can pull the light trailer and some gear and is also comfortable for passengers while provides greater utility than the SUVs. However, modern buyers love different sorts of the pickup trucks and high-performance and off-road capable versions are also in the focus. Honda already revealed its plan for electrifying its light-truck range and the Ridgeline also falls in that category. But, with the hybrid version in the lineup, the Ridgeline would need a more potent off-road version or the high-performance model to become even more appealing to the buyers.

In that context, after the arrival of the hot Civic Type R the rumors circulating about the Type R-ed Honda Ridgeline. Honda hasn’t commented on the rumors and we haven’t seen any solid proof about the model’s arrival. The road-oriented Ford Lighting and Silverado SS have also been rumored for return and Honda’s truck is rumored to come as the 2020 Honda Ridgeline Type R.

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2018 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition: Design, Specs, Price

2018 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

Honda’s Ridgeline brings to the mid-size pickup truck class the SUV-like ride quality, styling cues and interior refinement but still offers truck’s utility and respectable towing capacity. With Pilot SUV-based underpinning and engine, this unique truck delivers class unmatched handling and riding experience but trades those for limited off-road capability and towing capacity compared to other mid-sized trucks.

Recently redesigned Ridgeline also comes in many variations but in the four-door crew cab configuration only. The model will return with some revisions in trim features for the 2018 model year and the 2018 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition will be at the top of the lineup. This version brings uniquely themed exterior and interior combined with the V-6 engine and standard all-wheel drive system.

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2018 Honda Ridgeline Type R: Rumors, Specs

2018 Honda Ridgeline Type R

The latest Honda Ridgeline, which returned after the break of two model years, is the unique pickup truck in many aspects. This Pilot SUV-based truck looks like the truck but thanks to its unibody design it delivers for the trucks unmatched level of ride quality, handling smoothness and comfort.  Honda also offers a unique solution for cargo bed with two-way tailgate and not to mention SUV-like interior and features. However, what may be cooking behind the curtain is another surprise which Honda is allegedly preparing for the new model year and that is the 2018 Honda Ridgeline Type R.

This special version of the Ridgeline, like in the case of the Civic Type R, should be the higher performance version of this mid-size truck. If we are to believe in unofficial reports, this performance version will get more aggressive exterior and interior which will be backed up with the more potent engine and sportier suspension.

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