2020 Lincoln Mark LT: Comeback, Design?

2020 Lincoln Mark LT

The pickup truck market is growing globally and new models are set to join the game. The increasing demand was also the reason while the carmakers returned some discontinued models and we recently witnessed the return of the mid-size Ranger to the US. The redesigned light-duty versions from GM and Ram arrived for the 2019 model year and the all-new heavy-duty versions wait for the 2020 model year launch. Jeep will also bring the Wrangler-based Ute but there are also rumors circulating about the return of several other models.

Lincoln discontinued the luxury Mark LT truck in 2008 for the US market while continued the sales of the model until 2014 in Mexico. This essentially rebadged version of the best-selling Ford F-150 had a luxury equipped cabin and Lincoln’s styling while the chassis and running gear were also shared with the F-150. Ford introduced the high-end F-150 Platinum version to take the place of the luxury Mark LT truck after the 2008 model year.

However, the Lincoln Mark LT model has been rumored for the return in the last few years and the latest speculations claim the arrival of the model as the 2020 Lincoln Mark LT.  No confirmation from the company or the prototype model has been spotted on the road. The return of the model would also interfere with the sales of the high-end versions of the Ford F-150 and that is also the reason why we don’t see the rumors justified. However, let’s see what rumors suggest.

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2018 Lincoln Mark LT: Rumors, Design, Arrival

2018 Lincoln Mark LT

As per some car industry speculations, the 2018 Lincoln Mark LT might be the new version of this luxury pickup truck which was discontinued in the US after the 2008 model year. This F-150 based truck version of Ford’s luxury division debuted for the 2006 model year but Ford offered the luxury-oriented Platinum trim for its best-selling F-150 as the replacement for the Lincoln Mark LT.

However, Lincoln truck was more successful in the Mexico where this model was offered as the second-generation version for the 2010 model year and based on the twelve-generation F-150 Platinum. The Mark LT was available in Mexico until the 2015 model year but was discontinued after the introduction of the 2015 F Series. Based on the latest reports Lincoln might again try with the new Mark LT but nothing has been said from the company.

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2017 Lincoln Mark LT: Comeback, Redesign

2017 Lincoln Mark LT

Approximately a decade ago almost every attempt with luxury version of the pickup truck finished ingloriously. However trends are changing and now every respectable truck manufacturer has luxury trimmed versions. Good sales of richly equipped versions are the reason why indications have been present that a few brands are considering to return their luxury nameplates. According to some reports among them we might see new version of Lincoln’s Mark LT truck which was discontinued a few years ago. In best case scenario some sources claim that this truck might come in the first half of the next year. The 2017 Lincoln Mark LT should be the third generation of this model.

A brief reminder:

The Mark LT was Lincoln’s luxury trimmed truck that actually was rebadged version of the Ford F-150. It initially came on the scene as the 2006 model and as successor for the Lincoln Blackwood. This name survived just two model years in the US market and for the 2009 model year Ford offered  the Platinum version in pace of the Mark LT.

However, despite faced with termination in the US, the Lincoln Mark LT survived in Mexico until 2014 as it was best-selling vehicle for the division. This was the second generation of this model introduced in 2010 and based on F-150’s twelfth generation. The production was ended after 2014 model year but as we said according to latest rumors this model might come back.

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