2017 Toyota Tundra: Specs, Equipment, Price

2017 Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is full-size pickup truck offered from the Japanese carmaker to fight in the strong full-size truck class with names like Ford F-150, Ram 1500, GM Sierra and Chevy Silverado. This model has been in its second generation since the 2007 and since then it introduced some upgrades which made this vehicle better but not certainly enough to catch mentioned rivals. The biggest changes for a last few years were presented for 2014 model year when model got new refreshed styling, revamped interior, improved electronics and safety and new 1794 Edition trim as well. The year after this significant facelift, for 2015 model year, Toyota excluded V-6 engine version leaving this model with two V-8 units. It also expanded trim offer with new off-road TRD Pro trim.

For 2016 model year only minor changes in trims and equipment happened. On the other hand this model year has brought redesigned the Hilux model which is sold outside the US and Toyota has also renewed its mid-size Tacoma. May be that was also the reason why Tundra was unchanged but for new 2017 Toyota Tundra big changes haven’t been announced either. However, this model is good truck with two engines that are capable to get the job done and its double cab versions are among the most spacious interiors on the market.

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2017 Toyota Hilux: Specs, Arrival, Price

2017 Toyota Hilux

There aren’t many vehicles in whole automobile industry that are known and reputed like Toyota’s Hilux pickup truck. This light commercial vehicle is available worldwide and since its introduction in 1968 Toyota has sold more than 16 million units. Toyota Hilux has gained strong reputation thanks to its almost unbreakable built quality. It is one of the top sellers in its class among other rivals such as Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, etc. This model is currently in its eight generation in which it entered in 2016 model year.

New generation model has been thoroughly redesigned in all aspects and thanks to that it is ready to roll for a few model years. Its new stylish and premium design sets the standards in its class. New interior is refined and better equipped while exterior is modern and attractive. It also offers wide range of engines and new generation model has introduced new turbodiesel unit and new transmission. The engine offer depends on market and model is also available in wide range of configurations and equipment groups. So, being redesigned for the last model year, 2017 Toyota Hilux will continue almost unchanged except some equipment juggling and electronics upgrades are possible.

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Toyota Hilux Invincible X: Concept, Rumors

Toyota Hilux Invincible X

The Toyota Hilux is reputed name that has been known as very reliable and capable almost unbreakable truck worldwide. It has entered in its seventh generation for 2016 model year and truck has been thoroughly redesigned in all possible aspects. Now, it promises even better capabilities and more refined ride and interior. However, before the eight generation debut, Toyota has introduced high-spec Hilux version known as the Invincible X. This version of this highly-reputed truck is its upscale interpretation that offers plenty of exterior and interior personalization but its posh look is also followed with enhanced performance and off-road capabilities. This was important to be said because some hints that are coming from the sources close to Toyota claim that this automobile giant is developing a new concept model which might be known as Toyota Hilux Invincible X. According to available information, this model is in the initial phase of developing and details about it are limited but some assumptions about its direction have been made.

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2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD pro: Features, Powertrain

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD pro

The 2016 model year has introduced many redesigned and updated pickup models. Some of them have been totally overhauled while some introduced new trim options and have been facelifted. The trend is also turned to off-road oriented packages and many of brands have offered their extreme versions. Toyota follows the same routine.  Toyota has also redesigned its valuable Tacoma pickup truck for 2016 model year. This best-selling model for almost of one decade has introduced the upgrades on all fronts. The model added new 3.6 liter V-6 Atkison cycle engine which offers better fuel economy. It can be paired with six-speed manual and automatic gearbox while four-cylinder engine has returned unchanged and it goes with auto shifter only.

The frame rigidity and strength has also been improved thanks to the higher percentage of the high strength steel.  Restyled interior with upgraded equipment has also improved the value of this vehicle. However,  the TRD pro off-road oriented version was excluded from the lineup of this model for this model year and just when we thought it will be discontinued Toyota presented 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD pro at the last Chicago Auto Show. As it is expected this model has been focused to offer improved off-road hardware and it will go with V-6 engine only. The model is based on 4WD Double Cab short bed configuration and aside from the mechanical upgrades some unique features will be seen on its exterior and interior as well.

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2016 Toyota Hilux: Review

2016 Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux is well-known name in automobile industry and it has gained its reputation since 1968 when this model was introduced. This vehicle is being sold in around 180 countries over the world and all buyers will be able to own the new generation model of this brand 2016 Toyota Hilux. It has been said that Toyota has invested a lot of time, effort and money to design this all-new the eighth generation model and according to many opinions they have succeed in their work.

The 2016 Hilux comes new from bumper to bumper which means that almost all aspects of this vehicle have been revised or re-engineered. This truck has already proven reputation as very dependable and almost unbreakable machine but Toyota has gone even further and new model comes on new reinforced frame and platform and promises better towing capability and performance. It also boasts new exterior style, improved interior, revised suspension, and improved electronics and safety systems. Engine lineup has also been improved and new turbo diesel engine is available together with new transmissions. So, new Hilux could easily become the most important for the brand and number of so far over the 16 million sold units will certainly rise dramatically with the arrival of a new Hilux model.

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