Fiat Fullback: Engines, Design, Price

Things are changing fast in auto industry and it seems that pickup truck demand has become viral. There is no doubt that this vehicles has been very popular in US but it is easy to detect its growing popularity in other countries outside the US. The automakers has recognized new opportunity and we can more often here that new brands will give try in this lucrative class. Even Mercedes has announced its pickup truck model and new potential producers are also Renault and Peugeot/Citroen. The other already known models have been revised or redesigned for the last two model years and there belong models like Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and VW Amarok. They will however be the main rivals for the pickup truck which will come under the Fiat’s name called Fiat Fullback.

It will actually be based on the Mitsubishi’s Triton model and it will be obvious after the first look on its exterior. However the model will also feature some distinctive characteristics but anyway it won’t be large departure from Mitsubishi’s model. Fiat will offer this vehicle in EMEA region which covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Fiat is expecting descant sales considering the current markets demand of mid-size trucks in this region. The model will be offered in three cab styles and several bed lengths. It will also include 2WD and 4WD versions with different engine options and power outputs.

Fiat Fullback

Fiat Fullback: Exterior, Interior

When it is about the exterior design of the new Fiat Fullback, it is obvious that this model is essentially rebadged Triton’s version despite it has some own characteristic features. When the focus is on body sculpting, you should not be some design expert to notice that shape of the fenders, door panels and the cargo bed as well is identical to its Japanese cousin and this is certainly the move which saved a lot of time and money for Fiat. However, to distinguish this model from its sourced version Fiat has cleverly done the most of work on Fullback’s front side. The most effect to the new model gives its unique grille which carries Fiat’s badge in the middle and it is flanked with the headlights which are also Triton’s. The lower bumper area is also reworked compared to one on the Triton and it features full-width air opening in the bumper with integrated fog lights on the each side. More of Triton’s features are also seen on the rear side where familiar, one of the longest rear overhang and identical taillights are present. However, Fiat also adds some unique chrome details, unique alloy wheels, and bed roll bar. It will be available in three body styles including a single cab models, an extended cab and double cabs while across lineup a chassis cab model will also be available. The model will measure 1,815 mm in width, 1,780 mm in height while the shortest version will be 5,155 mm long and the longest will be 5,285 mm. Apart from that, the Fullback will also features respectable approach and departure angles and solid ground clearance in order to safely attack unfriendly terrains.

Inside the Fiat also mirrors the Triton’s design and only Fiat’s badge highlights its identity. The dash is clear and very functional with effective center stack which houses center screen and large and easy to use HVAC controls. The instrumental cluster is clear and easy to read with analog presented gauges. The metallic accents on the center stack, center console and door panels brake a monotony of one tone trim and give up-scale impression. The model also possess well-built and supportive seats and other features and convenience like heated seats, automatic climate control, USB ports, 12 volt outlets, keyless entry, etc. The company is yet to reveal full specification about trims and equipment.

Fiat Fullback: Powertrains

The new Fiat Fullback is expected to be offered with total of three engine options and each will be tuned for the particular market. For the markets in the Africa and the Middle East, Fiat will equip the Fullback with a 2.5 liter turbo diesel four-cylinder engine which comes with either 110 or 178 HP. The option for those markets is a 2.4 liter petrol powered engine which is capable for 132 HP. These engines will be matched with either a five speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission. The buyers in the Europe will opt between either 150 or 180 HP version of a 2.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and also between five-speed manual or automatic gearbox. When properly equipped the Fullback will be able to carry around 2,300 pounds. More details about fuel economy and performance will be known soon just before the model goes on the sale.

Fiat Fullback: Release date, Price

The Fiat Fullback is expected to be launched on sale next June in many markets including Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The price is also unknown yet bet it is expected to start from $35,000.

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