Lexus Pickup Truck: News, Possible Design

Nowadays it isn’t strange fact that there is significant population of buyers that are willing to set aside a large sum of money for the luxury version of pickup truck.  The proof is top versions of Ford’s, GMC’s and other trucks that gain significant piece of market share. We, however, witnessed that previous adventures of this kind hadn’t passed and examples are Lincoln Blackwood and Cadillac’s Escalade EXT. But since Mercedes announced its version of the pickup truck it is natural to expect that more brands are considering the same. In that context, another truck version which might see the light of the day is Lexus Pickup Truck.

Lexus Pickup Truck

Lexus Pickup Truck in News

When we are speaking about Lexus Pickup Truck it is important to note that this isn’t just another fabricated rumor from unknown source yet it comes from Toyota’s project-planning leader Makoto Tanaka who said recently that this company is exploring the potential of this product and that it has been in the list for consideration. However it also said that this vehicle isn’t in top priorities and it might not go far from only “was considered” but it is possible after some other higher priority projects have been finalized. What Lexus considers as more important is a seven-seat variant of the popular RX model and there is also more compact crossover that should sit bellow NX in brand’s lineup.

Lexus Pickup Truck: Possible Design

Despite that this pickup truck might not see the production lines some hints that have been present encouraging our hope. Namely, Tanaka also hinted that if this model would go to production it might be based on the highly popular Toyota Hilux the truck proven as dependable and durable. This version of Toyota’s truck, however, isn’t available in the US and it might be the case with Lexus Pickup Truck as well which might see its priorities in markets like Russia, Middle East, South America and also in some markets in Asia. The same is with Mercedes’ first pickup truck which won’t also be built from the ground up yet it will be based on the Nissan NP300.

On the other hand, we have a chance to see how the Lexus truck would look on the picture that can be seen on the web. There is presented combination of the Hilux’s body which includes the front end of the Lexus LX 570. We must admit that sharp geometry of the spindle grille, menacing headlights, sculpted hood and bumper perfectly fits to this design and it would certainly look good on road as well. If add to that posh interior of the LX 570 the potential truck would surely be a great product.

Lexus Pickup Truck: Possible release date

We would like to have some information about possible debut of this model but there are still many questions to be answered before we can talk about it. We hope that this company won’t ignore growing popularity of the pickups and that it will answer on that with new Lexus Pickup Truck.

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  1. I am a current Lexus owner of an ISC350 and an NX. I Have had many over the years and I am anxiously awaiting a pickup from Lexus. The sooner the better I will be in line for it to trade in my Tacoma. I love it but there is nothing like a Lexus….


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