2016 Toyota Hilux: Review

2016 Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux is well-known name in automobile industry and it has gained its reputation since 1968 when this model was introduced. This vehicle is being sold in around 180 countries over the world and all buyers will be able to own the new generation model of this brand 2016 Toyota Hilux. It has been said that Toyota has invested a lot of time, effort and money to design this all-new the eighth generation model and according to many opinions they have succeed in their work.

The 2016 Hilux comes new from bumper to bumper which means that almost all aspects of this vehicle have been revised or re-engineered. This truck has already proven reputation as very dependable and almost unbreakable machine but Toyota has gone even further and new model comes on new reinforced frame and platform and promises better towing capability and performance. It also boasts new exterior style, improved interior, revised suspension, and improved electronics and safety systems. Engine lineup has also been improved and new turbo diesel engine is available together with new transmissions. So, new Hilux could easily become the most important for the brand and number of so far over the 16 million sold units will certainly rise dramatically with the arrival of a new Hilux model.

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2016 Mitsubishi Triton: Review

2016 Mitsubishi Triton

A one good thing of serious competition is fact that if you want to stay in race you must constantly be in upgrading process. The same have to is reflected in automobile industry including increasingly popular pickup truck segment. There, a new and never better 2016 Mitsubishi Triton has been promoted. It comes in place of aging workhorse which however has proven itself as reliable and trusty machine. But if you want to stay even close to VW Amarok who placed benchmark for other similar vehicles you have to take radical changes. So is with new Triton who comes with improvements in almost all aspects.

It continues on same platform but there is array of other improvements including new diesel power plant, improved driving dynamics, a lot of new technology features and convenience, modernized styling and refined interior. If you make decision to own new Triton you will be in front of hard situation to pick between many available variants. This model will be available in three body styles and three trim grades including GLX, GLS, and top Exceed level. Another decision is related to two transmission options and two drive configurations.

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