2020 GMC Sierra 1500: News, Design, Equipment

2020 GMC Sierra 1500

General Motors debuted two light-duty models this year and the all-new Chevy Silverado 1500 came in front of the public eye first at the Detroit Auto Show while flashier, new-generation GMC Sierra 1500 waited for the debut a bit longer. Again, two models share a lot of the DNA but GMC distinguished the new model further with more aggressive and flashy styling and a few unique innovations. The half-ton Sierra returns the high-luxury Denali trim but also stands out with the carbon fiber cargo bed option and new versatile, MultiPro tailgate. The new off-road focused AT4 is also available.

The new-gen Sierra 1500 goes on sale with two V-8 engines initially while other options which should match the offerings of the twin Silverado 1500 will appear later. The 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 will likely fill up the promised engine offer while there won’t be other major upgrades. After the revolutionary redesign, the model can’t offer much more and new color combinations and some reorganization in the equipment offer could change for the new model year.

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2020 Lincoln Mark LT: Comeback, Design?

2020 Lincoln Mark LT

The pickup truck market is growing globally and new models are set to join the game. The increasing demand was also the reason while the carmakers returned some discontinued models and we recently witnessed the return of the mid-size Ranger to the US. The redesigned light-duty versions from GM and Ram arrived for the 2019 model year and the all-new heavy-duty versions wait for the 2020 model year launch. Jeep will also bring the Wrangler-based Ute but there are also rumors circulating about the return of several other models.

Lincoln discontinued the luxury Mark LT truck in 2008 for the US market while continued the sales of the model until 2014 in Mexico. This essentially rebadged version of the best-selling Ford F-150 had a luxury equipped cabin and Lincoln’s styling while the chassis and running gear were also shared with the F-150. Ford introduced the high-end F-150 Platinum version to take the place of the luxury Mark LT truck after the 2008 model year.

However, the Lincoln Mark LT model has been rumored for the return in the last few years and the latest speculations claim the arrival of the model as the 2020 Lincoln Mark LT.  No confirmation from the company or the prototype model has been spotted on the road. The return of the model would also interfere with the sales of the high-end versions of the Ford F-150 and that is also the reason why we don’t see the rumors justified. However, let’s see what rumors suggest.

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2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD: News, Design

2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD

There were several all-new trucks from the Bowtie brand in 2018 and more is yet to come. Chevy started the year with the thoroughly redesigned light-duty Silverado 1500 and a few months after presented the new, medium-duty 4500HD, 5500HD and 6500HD models. It isn’t also the secret that the new-generation of the heavy-duty 2500HD and 3500 HD models will arrive for the 2020 model year.

Chevy already released the teaser image of the front-end design of the new Silverado HD and the 2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD was also caught while testing camouflaged. The interior of the model was also in the front of the spy camera. However, important details about the engine options and design are still the mystery and more should appear closer to the year-end. The all-new Chevy HD trucks should debut early next year and go on sale later in the year.

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2019 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD: Specs, Equipment, News, Price

2019 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD

The big news for the Chevy brand is the all-new Silverado 1500 which comes with a number of innovations and improvements. But buyers often need to tow much more than the light-duty Silverado is capable of and then the Silverado HD enters the game. The 3500 HD is the brand’s the most capable non-commercial pickup and its towing capability goes close to mid-20, 000 pounds. This large truck is still comfortable and can be equipped with a number of desirable comfort and tech features. Chevy also offers the range of configurations to meet all demands.

And while the light-duty Silverado is the new from the ground up for the 2019 model year, the 2019 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD will return with no major changes. The firm already announced the all-new Silverado 2500 HD and 3500 HD for the 2020 model year in about year from.

So, expect the 2019 Silverado 3500 HD in the same range of options and with the familiar V-8 engines.

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2019 Ford F-250 Diesel: Specs, Equipment, Price

2019 Ford F-250 Diesel

The recently redesigned Ford Super Series doesn’t have the bad side and Ford also offers an almost uncountable number of versions that will certainly suit everyone’s need. And despite the Ford F-Series outsells everything that moves on the road, Ford’s trucks are also most-up-to-date. Ford, however, introduces upgrades annually and after the 2017 redesign, the heavy-work models get new equipment and options while the next substantial upgrade should be the heavy-duty 10-speed automatic transmission expected for the 2020 model year.

So, now if someone needs better towing and load capability than the best-selling F-150 can deliver the next station should be the three-quarter ton F-250 model. And if one wants to get the most of towing and efficiency from this version, the 2019 Ford F-250 Diesel will deliver.

2019 updates:

For the 2019 model year, Ford brings just a few updates. The late in the year arability will be the Lariat Sport package with 20-inch wheels, black accents, a spray-in bedliner among others. The new B&O sound system will also appear in some versions.

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2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD: Design, Specs, Equipment, Price

2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD

The bowtie brand is in the offensive in the pickup truck segment. Chevy has started the year with the introduction of the all-new, more refined, larger, lighter, more efficient, dieseled, turbocharged, techier, etc. Silverado 1500. The chassis-cab Silverado 4500, 5500 and 6500 models made the premiere in March. However, the brand also released the teaser images of the new-generation 2500HD and 3500HD model which should soon appear on roads in the testing guise and enter the production in the third quarter of 2019. The new versions will bring bolder design and larger proportions combined with improved structure and familiar engine options.

However, before the all-new HD model hit the market we will see the rerun of the actual versions for the 2019 model year. The three-quarter-ton size 2500HD model will come with the same engine options and with the same trim range. Chevy will offer more standard features, new package, and other options but there won’t be anything special in the 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD.

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2019 Ford F-350: Specs, Changes, Trims, Price

2019 Ford F-350

When the best-selling Ford F-150 is not just enough for the towing job to be done, the Super Duty Series comes in with the equal interior refinement and availability of modern convenience and tech options but with the greater towing and payload capability. The Super Duty Series was all-new for the 2017 model year with the improved structure and lightweight body plus with the modernized styling and more comfortable interior. Loads of the new tech and cameras also become available and there are, of course, a number of styles and trim options.

The 2019 Ford F-350 is the one-ton version and first in the Super Duty range available with the dual rear-wheel setup. The model comes with a few changes for the new model year. Ford brings the new Lariat Sport package with tweaked exterior pieces and also offers the new sound system. Aside from that, the heavy-duty Ford is the same truck as the previous version. Two V-8 engines are again here while the new heavy-duty 10-speed automatic transmission will arrive with the 2020 version.

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2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck: News, Design

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck

While Volkswagen performs very well with the mid-size Amarok pickup truck on the global market, the SUVs are the material with which this brand builds in the US. However, after VW introduced the American taste, mid-size Atlas SUV, the Atlas Tanoak Concept debuted at the 2018 New York Auto Show and possibly announced the arrival of another unibody truck to the US. VW said that the production version isn’t in the plan but the brand certainly wants to feel the pulse of the buyers.

The Tanoak Concept is derived from the three-row Atlas SUV and except the flamboyant exterior style, it borrows much from the SUV model. With the Pilot- SUV-based Ridgeline truck and Hyundai’s promise to bring the unibody pickup truck by the end of the decade, the Tanoak Concept-based truck would another unibody construction and the SUV-like-driving mid-size pickup truck on the road.

And despite VW claims it has more room for improvement in the SUV range in the US the pickup truck version would bring new buyers and open a new money-making market for the brand. And really, VW wouldn’t need much effort to transform the concept model to the production-ready form. So, despite that no signs from VW that the new truck comes, how would it look and perform if it arrives as the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck.

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2019 Toyota Tacoma Diesel: Rumors, Design, Price

2019 Toyota Tacoma Diesel

The Toyota Tacoma leads the game in the mid-size segment for more than the decade. The model earns the trust with Toyota’s proved durability and toughness while also provides good resale value. Buyers also love the off-road ready versions and Toyota offers a few levels of the capability on that front.

Actually, Toyota already announced the updated TRD Pro trim for the 2019 model year and it brings the upgraded suspension, new Desert Air Intake, few cosmetic touches and modern tech inside. Toyota wasn’t specific about other upgrades and there shouldn’t be many as this model was heavily updated in 2016.

However, based on the talks in the industry Toyota might have more in a plan for the upcoming version. The speculations are circulating that the firm could offer the 2019 Toyota Tacoma Diesel version. This hasn’t been commented from Toyota but reports suggesting that with the diesel option the Tacoma would give an alternative for the GM’s Duramax diesel-powered twins and with that improve its sales further. With that Toyota would also steal some attention from the returned Ford Ranger which should also introduce the Raptor version.

The diesel engine also appears with the redesigned full-size models while Ford also announced the F-150 hybrid version.

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2019 Ford F-250: News, Changes, Equipment

2019 Ford F-250

Ford continues its perennial domination in the truck industry. The mid-size Ranger returned and the F-150 Raptor also receives some upgrades for the 2019 model year. However, the light-duty RAM 1500 and GM twins are also all-new and heavy-sizers are in the progress. Ford upgraded its Super Duty Series for the 2017 model year and now has the freshest heavy-duty models on the market.

The aluminum-bodied, high-tensile steel underpinned Ford Super Duty Series starts with the three-quarter ton F-250 model which provides the next level of the towing and payload capability after the best-selling, light-duty F-150 model. This version and other Ford’s heavy-work trucks won’t bring substantial changes to the play for the 2019 model year. Ford added the top-tier Limited trim to the range for the 2018 model and also upgraded the torque of the diesel engine. Now Ford has the heavy-duty version of the 10-speed automatic transmission in the progress but reports claim it won’t come in time for the 2019 version. There are also reports about the new engine option for the Super Duty Series and it’s a 7.0-liter V-8 unit.

However, all mentioned upgrades are in the prospect for the 2020 version while the 2019 Ford F-250 will likely limit to equipment mixing and few new options.

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