Tesla Pickup Truck – First All-Electric Pickup Truck

Tesla company has promised to electrify the pickup truck segment and after some priorities have been done the time for the pickup truck will come. The pickup trucks are selling well, actually very well in the US and they take first three positions of the best-selling models in this market. But, the primary focus for the most of brands remains on the SUVs and Tesla also has priorities. Tesla Company confirmed that Tesla Pickup Truck will come after the arrival of the new crossover Model Y.

The Model Y was scheduled for the debut in 2019 but recently Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that will be some changes in the plan. The reason for the pushing back the production of the Model Y to 2020 lies in the fact that Tesla needs the new factory to meet the needed production number. In that context, that should also mean that yet unnamed but promised pickup truck would also arrive later.

Tesla Pickup Truck

When should we expect the Tesla Pickup Truck?

Well, while Elon Musk said that production of the Model Y is about 24 months far from now, he hasn’t mentioned how that changes the prospect of the pickup truck version. The Model 3-based, Model Y was initially expected to enter the production in 2019 but it is now closer to the 2020 launch. As the pickup truck was announced to follow the arrival of the Model Y that probably means a delegation of the launch for 2021 or 2022.

What we know about the design of the Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla hasn’t revealed many details about the Tesla Pickup Truck but surprised with the sketch that was shown at the semi even. The Concept Truck is actually the monster truck that can carry another pickup truck model. But according to some reports, Tesla might actually build two trucks. One would be based on the Concept Model-based monster truck version while before we should expect a smaller version.

The smaller Tesla Truck is expected to be sited close to the best-selling F-150. Actually, it could be slightly bigger. The truck should use the underpinning of the Model X and adopt styling elements similar to brand’s newest models. It will also include some amazing features as well, as Tesla promises.

Tesla Pickup Truck: Powertrains

As for the powertrain options, the Tesla Pickup Truck will likely use the similar range as the Model X. The truck should provide impressive performance unmatched by other pickups on the market.

The Model will use Dual Motor technology to power front and rear wheels by default. Estimations are that Tesla’s pickup will be capable of the payload capacity of around 1, 000 kg. The towing capability thanks to the high torque ratings of Tesla’s powertrains shouldn’t be the problem and Tesla would provide competitive ratings.

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