Tesla Pickup Truck: Concept, Rumors

For some time, the rumors have been circulating that Tesla might build the pickup truck in the future. While it was only the matter of speculation, the things have become “more official” when Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said in January that Tesla Pickup Truck is a logical  thing for the company  in the future. He hasn’t said much more but it was more than enough for some speculations to emerge about how this model might look and what hardware it might use.

Tesla has certainly the big interest for the pickup trucks because of the growing popularity of these vehicles especially in mid-size class. However, this will certainly be much bigger challenge for Tesla’s engineers than to build sedan or crossover. The new vehicle will have to offer competitive towing and hauling capabilities but it will also have to be capable for rough terrains in order to be competitive in this lucrative market. The biggest challenge will probably be to satisfy all mentioned but in same time to provide decent battery mileage. So, this project will probably take some time but let’s see how it might look.

Tesla Pickup

Tesla Pickup Truck: Design

When it comes to the design of the Tesla Pickup Truck it has been suggested that this promising and futuristic model will borrow some styling cues from the Model X but it will also feature its distinctive characteristics which will make it stand out from the mass of other models and in same time it will obviously be Tesla’s product. The model should feature rugged front fascia with underbody protection which protrudes in the front bumper area. It will also include slim, modern-looking headlights and it would also have long, sculpted hood. Profile side should showcase pronounced fenders and character line while it will also include Tesla’s stylistic door handles and contracting elements like chrome window moldings. Model is rumored to come in crew cab configuration with four conventional doors. It is also expected that it will be designed on the unibody chassis and will also include some clever additions for managing cargo.

Interior is expected to take familiar Tesla’s approach probably some modified form of the cabin featured in the Model X. It will include comfortable bucket seats and probably folding rear seats which will provide flat storage area underneath like almost all modern pickups. Inside, we should also expect simple and elegant dash which includes large touchscreen like all Tesla’s vehicle and array of entertainment and driver assist features.

Tesla Pickup Truck: Performance

As we mentioned the biggest challenge for the new Tesla Pickup Truck will be electric powertrain which should satisfy towing and hauling requirements but will also return satisfying battery range. The power obviously won’t be a problem because the mentioned Model X already offers comparable power and torque rating as modern pickups. Its 75D version of the powertrain can produce 328 hp and 387 pound-feet of torque which is similar with some base V-8 engines on the current pickups. On the other hand, more powerful options are also available in the Model  X and every strong  seller among the pickups is offered with several powertrains. In that sense, the 90D powertrain used in the Model X produces peak 417 hp and 485 pound-feet of torque. What is more, the P90D version is even more capable with max power of 532 hp and torque of impressive 713 pound-feet. However, how Tesla engineers would solve the gap between 5000 pounds of towing capacity on the Model X and respectable towing capacities on the current pickups and also not to drastically increase the vehicle’s weight with larger battery remains to be seen.

Tesla Pickup Truck: Release date

It is also big question when Tesla would be ready to launch the Tesla Pickup Truck. This brand is now working on the Model X and finishes Model 3 sedan which should be released sometime in 2017. So, according to some reports, this new pickup truck is expected to come for 2020 model year.

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