Truck rental for towing a camping trailer

Only some people own a pickup. That usually isn’t a problem until you have to move something big like a trailer full of personal stuff. Regular cars can’t really move this efficiently, while some can’t even move with a big trailer strapped to their back. Some SUVs might be able to do the job, but not without some engine stuttering. After all, it is not what they are made for. They are made for everyday agendas and transporting passengers. Luckily, pickups were made for this purpose and have remained the best to do the job. So what exactly happens when you don’t have a pickup to pull the heavy trailer? Well, it is not all that difficult, you simply rent one.

Depending on the place you live, and how big the city is there might be a wide range of companies doing such rentals. You will have the opportunity to choose the proper size and power of the pickup depending on your needs. There are also options where you can drive one yourself or get a certified driver. Let’s look at more details what renting a truck for towing actually entails.

What to consider when picking out a trailer

There are numerous variables that come into play while selecting a pickup for your towing needs. It could be the weight of the thing you are trying to transport, as well as the power of the pickup. It could be how long you will have it for any other seemingly, not important things.

Towing capacity

The towing power of the truck that is being rented is one of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a vehicle to pull your camper. Your main concern at all times should be how much weight your towing machine can handle. It’s never a good idea to pull something heavier than your towing vehicle is capable of, this is the reason towing capacity numbers and figures are easily accessible for almost every truck brand and model currently on the market. However, it can be more challenging initially than you initially expected to determine the payload capacity of an unfamiliar tow vehicle. For instance, based on what you intend to use the truck for, most vehicles have varying weight limits. Your truck’s bed, hitch, the total weight of what is inside, and the people sitting all have weight restrictions.

Weight of the thing being pulled

Speaking of weight restrictions, you can’t really decide what vehicle you need to rent unless you know how much your camper or RV weighs in total. Always try to rent a truck with a towing capacity that is far beyond the weight capacity of your camper, but how do you weigh a travel trailer to begin with? When your camping or travel trailer is fully loaded and prepared for a journey, you should weigh it first. When your camper is empty, its weight will be significantly different from when it is loaded. This includes the mass of your propane tanks, freshwater tanks, and other RV appliances.

You may always make an estimate of the weight of your camper when it is completely loaded, but I usually suggest leaning toward the heavier side rather than the lighter. To be safe, many RVers advise purchasing a towing vehicle that has at least a 10% greater towing capacity than your actual camper weight when it is completely loaded. You can actually determine the weight of your camping trailer or RV at one of the many public weighing stations, or you can weigh it yourself. For additional information on how to do that, read this article.

Type of hitch that suits you the best

To choose a proper rental pickup truck to tow your camper, you must first determine the type of hitch you require. Traditional ball hitches and fifth-wheel-specific hitches are the two types often used in the RVing industry. You will experience a lot of difficulties locating a pickup truck that really can tow this kind of RV if you possess a fifth-wheel mobile home or camper. Considering fifth wheel type hitches are special and necessitate a very different setup from a conventional ball hitch, this is the case.

Because fifth-wheel RVs typically have weight restrictions, fifth-wheel hitches are also frequently placed on heavy-duty trucks. However, it will be simpler to find a pickup that is actually capable of towing this kind of camper if your camper has a conventional ball hitch arrangement. While shopping, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the size of the ball and receiver as well as the hitch capacity. The very last thing you want is to hire a vehicle with a hitch that won’t fit your camper’s receiver.

Possible cost

You should think about how much hiring a truck will cost depending on the brand and model of the actual pickup you want to rent and the firm you plan to rent from. You will be responsible for paying for the pickup for the duration of your camping vacation in addition to any incidental costs or insurance premiums that may arise. Considering the liability that comes with towing, you might discover that hiring a pickup to pull a trailer costs slightly above what you anticipated. When you shop and choose the vehicle that best suits your needs, keep in mind that many businesses charge extra fees and costs for towing.

Seating capacity

Even though you may have a second driver that travels with you and can operate a different vehicle, you might want to think about the number of seats in your rental truck. You might unable to fit your full family of five in a conventional pickup truck if you intend to go camping. Legally, it is prohibited to transport individuals—children or adults—inside a fifth-wheel or travel trailer while it is moving. If you can’t fit everyone in your truck, you might want to think about towing a family or residential vehicle in addition to the truck and trailer. While there may be an additional cost involved, doing this is better for everyone’s safety.

Ease of life accessories

There are some accessories that will make the whole towing process much easier and safer. The hitch might need to be changed depending on the type of your RV or the camper. Their price fluctuates based on their towing capacity. Which is why you must know the exact weight of the thing you are pulling. Brake controllers are also important. They electronically brake the RV or the camper. This improves the safety aspect by a lot and is a literal lifesaver. But check first because some modern RVs and campers already have one installed. Towing mirror is the cheapest of these accessories. But it also improves safety and you can keep track of the trailer at all times. They are simply attached to the already existing side mirror. Back up camera might not be necessary but it makes parking far easier than it actually is. If you are not an experienced driver this might be a godsend.


Although renting a truck to tow a camper can be done, doing so without the appropriate information could be challenging and confusing. The weight capability of your towing vehicle and the total weight of your RV when fully loaded are the two most crucial considerations. If you don’t intend to camp for an extended period of time, you might have more luck obtaining a rental pickup through a neighborhood market or a friend. Before your next major outing, you should research a range of truck rental providers, nevertheless!

If you want to go off-road, it would be good to consider lifting your ride.

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