2020 Tesla Pickup Truck: News, Release, Price

The pickup trucks have been the most popular vehicles in the US for decades and therefore lucrative segment for the carmakers. The modern trends dictate new rules and the carmakers must adapt to. The electrification is the future of the car industry and many brands are increasing number of the electrified models and the pickup trucks will also follow the pattern. The mild-hybrid systems already appeared in several versions but the all-electric models should also become the reality. Tesla was expected to bring the first-ever electric pickup truck but it could be overtaken by serval brands.

The Tesla Pickup Truck is surely among the models generating the most buzz in the industry which should mean that model is among the most anticipated vehicles in the industry. There are more talks and speculations about the Tesla Truck than about the all-electric Ford F-150 or Rivian Electric truck which could appear before the long-awaited Tesla Ute. General Motors is also developing the all-electric truck.

But when Tesla Pickup will really come a what we know so far? Well, there are no many details yet about the Tesla Pickup and we haven’t yet seen the prototype version which should mean that the model is still a year or two from the production. Most of the details about the model we learned from Tesla CEO Elon Musk and let’s generate a picture about the hypothetical 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck.

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck: Design

Many renderings appeared about the possible looks of the Tesla Pickup Truck and the time will tell how they were accurate. On the other hand, very few official details appeared about the model’s design. 

Tesla showed the sketch of the Semi Truck when made the premiere of the Tesla Roadster at the Semi event and said a few words about the pickup truck. Musk hinted that Tesla Pickup Truck would be slightly larger than the best-selling Ford F-150 but hasn’t revealed more details.

Later, Musk also mentioned that Tesla’s truck “won’t look out of place in the set of the Blade Runner franchise”. This indicates that the appearance of the model would be radical and likely polarizing. The Tesla Pickup Truck will surely stand out from the crowd but it remains to see what Tesla has in mind.

Interior, equipment:

A few details and hints appeared about models’ looks and performance but nothing has been said about its interior and equipment. Tesla hasn’t also confirmed what cab options would appear but we expect Tesla would prioritize the crew cab style.

As for the interior, we should expect something similar to the design of the brand’s new models. The large center touchscreen will dominate the model’s interior like in the current Tesla vehicles. The truck will also equip the brand’s newest in-car technologies and safety systems. Tesla will surely present the model with several innovations as well. The model should get a specific drop-down tailgate and automatic parallel park ability as well as all-around view and sonars. 

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck: Performance

Tesla is known for delivering great performance models and Musk announced that other models will be a toy-like compared to the 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck.  

The model is expected to get the standard all-wheel-drive system with an electric motor for each axle. The system will deliver instant torque and there should be massive pound-feet of torque. Musk hinted that model could tow 300, 000 pounds.

The Tesla Pickup Truck should also provide impressive drive range supposedly somewhere between 400 and 500 miles when we are speaking about the top-trim version. The model should also get specialized suspension which will adjust dynamically to the load.

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck: Release, Price, Name

The 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck could debut by the year-end but there hasn’t been official confirmation yet. However, the question remains when the production will start if the model makes premiere this year. Tesla is yet to begin the production of the Model Y and we see the start of pickup’s production within 2 years in the best-case scenario.

As for the model’s price, Musk said that target price is under $50, 000. The truck should be affordable and the starting price should be $49, 000 max as Musk hinted.

And about the model’s name. Based on Musk’s recent tweets many believe he hinted truck’s name to be Tesla Model B. 

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