2020 GMC Canyon: Expectations, Rumors, Design, Arrival

The mid-size trucks have several characteristics that put them ahead of the better-selling full-size models like the maneuverability and efficiency while still provide enough towing and payload capability for the most buyers. The mid-size class revived after the arrival of the refreshed Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon in 2015 while the Toyota Tacoma continues to be the class best-seller. But with the return of the Ford Ranger and arrival of the Wrangel-based truck, there could be some meddling in the market share.

GM is, on another hand, finishing the new-generation of the heavy-duty models and we spotted multiple configurations of the Silverado and Sierra HD. But the question remains will there be some upgrades on the 2020 GMC Canyon and its mechanical twin. There were reports that the new generation GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado will enter the production early 2022.  Still, no test mules spotted on road of the 2020 Canyon and we don’t have any proof that there will be some styling and mechanical upgrades following the redesign of the light-duty Silverado and Sierra models.

So, the changes expected for the 2020 Canyon remain the matter of speculations. The model received the new infotainment system, parking sensors, new driver seat and color options for the 2019 version. However, unofficial reports claim that the next Canyon and the twin Chevy model could receive some styling, interior and mechanical upgrades.

2020 GMC Canyon

2020 GMC Canyon: Styling Changes?

With no test mules caught testing on the roads, we don’t have a proof that GM is prepping the update of the 2020 GMC Canyon. Some reports suggest, however, that the next Canyon could come with some styling updates in order to stay fresh and in the line with the brand’s newest design language before it receives the full redesign for the 2022 version.

As some sources claim, the 2020 Canyon should adopt the refreshed front end with the styling elements similar to those seen on the latest GMC SUVs and the all-new, half-ton Sierra. That should include the new even more eye-catchy grille version with a more dynamic outline. The headlights should also feature the design with the C-shaped signature lighting like in the brand’s new SUVs and Silverado.

The dimensions and sheet metal shape will remain in the same form until the next redesign while the new versions could appear including the AT4 model.

Interior, Equipment:

On the interior side, the truck is not expected to bring radical changes. The model got the upgraded infotainment system, HD rearview camera, new driver seat and more for the 2019 model year. The next version could bring just a few new texture details and expand the availability of some upper-grade options. The dash design will also remain in the same form.

The truck lacks also some widely available active safety systems and the new model year could bring the automatic emergency braking and other systems to improve the safety ratings.

2020 GMC Canyon

2020 GMC Canyon: Powertrains

The mid-size Canyon is the truck with the refined demeanor and diverse powertrain options. The truck offers six- and 8-speed transmission options and the diesel-powered towing capability of 7, 700 pounds with the 30-mpg highway efficiency.

As for the possible powertrain upgrades, some sources suggest that brand is considering the turbo-four engine option and the new 10-speed automatic transmission. The new, light-duty Silverado offers the new 2.7-liter turbo-4 engine and the 10-speed gearbox and these would be the great upgrade for the mid-size truck. Still, no hints from the company about this possibility.

What is sure, the proven 2.8-liter turbodiesel will remain but could come with the improved performance. The current form of the engine provides 181 hp and torque of 369 lb-ft in the mix with the six-speed automatic transmission.

The model will also repeat the 3.6-liter V-6 engine with possible upgrades to efficiency and performance. The V-6 engine is capable of producing 308 hp and torque 275 lb-ft in the current version.

2020 GMC Canyon: Arrival, Price

The 2020 GMC Canyon will hit the market late next and more details will emerge in 2019. In any case, GMC will try to keep the price range close to the current and the next version should again start around $22, 000. The high-luxury Denali version should again keep the price above $40, 000.

16 thoughts on “2020 GMC Canyon: Expectations, Rumors, Design, Arrival”

  1. Hopefully GM will add power folding mirrors to the 2020 Canyon since the biggest advantage of a mid-size truck is it fits inside a normal garage. Ford got it right on the new Ranger!

    • That – a power rear slider – should be standard on the crew cab – unless you play in the NBA – standard arm length does not reach – even with seat all the way back and fully reclined

  2. GMC, make the rear floor dog friendly, flat with no obstructions, with seat bottoms that lift up. Make a tailgate like the new Sierra Multi-Pro. Do not follow Chevy’s lead with only dark interiors/exteriors. Some folks like lighter interiors. How about a bench front seat like the Sierra, with the transmission selector on the column. Make the access side step a less desirable option. An AT4 that allows lighter color exterior and interior. Owner of a 2004 Sierra SLE/Z71 Extra Cab with 150,000+ miles on it.

    • Great ideas, John, but I’m sure they won’t show up anytime soon! Too bad, these are all things I would like to see in a Colorado. Still hanging on to my 99 S10, probably the best small truck ever made.

  3. Please add:
    Push Start
    LED Lights all around
    4Cly Turbo
    Slimmer Shifter
    Redesign Front grill
    Right and left turn cameras in auto power folding mirrors
    Power adjustment for the seat back.
    4 window auto up down

  4. The first thing to do is to put better seats in both for the driver n pass. The bottom cushions for both the drive n pas .seat slant up word n press the back of your leg cutting off the circulation . Also put back the CD player back in if not make option also put a better radio in screw the sat n had crap the radio sucks . The truck not that bad for people under 5-7 6 ft n over its cramped make it a couple inch wider n also the cab a little taller to accommodate taller people. The number one thing to do is change the dam driver n pass. Seats.

    • GMC truck driver since 1993 but I bought 2019 Chevrolet Colorado LT pkg because GMC wanted $5000 more plus tax for Canyon SLT pkg. I agree with those complaining about front seats. There’s no way to adjust to get either seat comfortable There’s not enough padding for even the lightest driver. I had to place a padded seat cover just to keep from switching from one side to the other on long trips.

  5. It’s a shame they don’t offer the cocoa interior on the Denali. We hate the black interior. Thus, we have to go with the SLT. An electric sliding rear window is a must. What’s the point of having the rear window opening if you can’t open it? And yes, a CD player would be very nice. We only have a thousand of them. Come on GMC, get with the program or we will look elsewhere.

    • I totally agree with John Kaye there should be a Light Cocoa Interior available in the Denali. Why is black the only color available in the best model????? Also about the power sliding rear window. CD player would be great too. I’ve been a GM customer for over 50 yrs. and hate to look and buy elsewhere too. Wise up GMC.

  6. I have a 2016 canyon it’s not comfortable .the seats tome are jump seats n if you are 6 ft. N over forget about it . Put the shifter back on the column n get rid of the useless console . Put a split bench in so that gives you a more comfortable seating. The buckets suck. Also put back the premium radio .gm wants you to live with this so make the damn thing comfy .i like the smaller size for price n comfort your better off with the big brother until they wake up n change it .

    • Totally correct about putting in a bench seat–the old style 40/60 was perfect. The buckets are really uncomfortable, especially if you are not in the feather weight class. The console is a pain, the old style flip up/down was a much better option, if you have a couple of kids…And please make the rear floor flat so it’s easy to put cargo back there and have it sit level. Or make it easier on the dog! That is the worst floor design I’ve ever seen. Who thought up something so dumb?

  7. This is the first GM product I have ever purchased that was all decked out for towing a RV that didn’t have any option to purchase mirrors that extend out far enough to see the sides of the trailer. We tow a 5000 lb. RV with the Canyon Duramax 2.8 Diesel and it works great. Better mileage then the 5.3. Hurts to have such a good truck and have to strap on funky mirrors.


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